Friday, November 1, 2013

Later, My Friend . . .

Dear Friend ~

'Sometimes you've gotta reset the dial.' 

That's the truth that my husband quietly spoke when I told him I had decided not to blog for the month of November.  After more than 5 1/2 years of blogging, 1041 posts, and only couple of weeks off along the way, I need to hang up my hat. 

For just one month.  Promise.

In some ways this has been a very difficult decision to make.  I've got to admit there's some fear in saying 'see you later.'  The blog is on a roll with more people coming to visit than ever before.  I know that I take a huge risk of losing a number of readers by pulling a disappearing act. 

The big question that's haunted me is this.  What if you don't return when I come back? 

But fear's not a good decision-making platform ... and in some ways, this choice is a no-brainer.  I've ended up spending way too much time online in recent months.  Of greater concern is that I've allowed too much of my identity to get tangled up in the endless up and down roller-coaster of numbers ... those stats, hits, and comments that all bloggers, if they're really honest, are way too familiar with.

And THAT I don't like.

Life's slowly gotten out of balance with too little focus on solitude with my Redeemer.  Too little attention to tending to things in my home.  Too little energy in getting away from the desk and out in the fresh air.  A neglect of my lifelong love of reading.  And not enough attentiveness to my dear husband's presence at home in the evening. 

I need to rediscover who I am when I'm home and not sitting at a keyboard.

Meanwhile I'm leaving you a potpourri of things to sift through, and if you head on over to the right side of the page and scroll down a bit you'll find an A-Z index of everything we've got.  And I'd love for you to subscribe so that YOU'LL be one of the first ones to know when I'm back in the saddle again.

{deep thoughts from my ministry partner, Bob}
{your favorites}
{need I say more}

{have your tissues handy}
{in case you missed a day here or there}
 So ... I'll see you later, my friend.  I'm going to miss interacting with you.  But I'll be back.  And I hope that you'll return, too!


*  Yes, I'm still counseling and coaching, and yes, I've got openings available! 
Simply email me or give me a buzz at 845.298.0710.  


  1. Wow! You have an amazing amount of courage and determination to do this. Thank you for "resetting" your priorities. You are such an amazing testimony to others!!!

  2. I've been pondering a blog break myself -- but can't seem to pull the trigger. I hope you enjoy your time off and return refreshed and full of new ideas for us

  3. I am sad to hear you're taking time off, as I have just discovered you, but I think time off is sometimes a much needed thing, and I hope it's lovely, restful and loaded with book filled days.

    I will subscribe to you, and can't wait to hear from you in a couple of weeks or months or whenever you return!

  4. Yes!! The time away will do wonders for you. I myself have had to shut down Facebook etc....and walk away for awhile to get back in control and find myself. I pray this time away will be a blessing for you and your family. I myself will be here waiting when you return

  5. I really think that you are very wise in your decision to have more time for the things which are so necessary in your life. You have kept going and going with your blog, and now it is the time to use that time in other ways. You have touched more lives in these years of blogging than you will ever realize. The seeds have been sown, and doesn't the Bible mention something about the land being idle every so often, and the folk in biblical times learned a lesson which is still being followed in modern times. May this extended time be beneficial for you in every way.

  6. I'll still be here when you get back, Linda! Praying your time away from blogging will be nourishing.

  7. Bless you, Linda! May God use this time away to refresh and restore you. May you return with new hope and new vision!! I'll be here when you return.

  8. Hi Linda! You know I'll still be visiting when you get back. I think your decision is a very personal one, and will be so good for you. God will bless your rest, and reorder things so you'll come back better than ever.

    You have written a LOT of posts. And that's a lot of ideas and a lot of yourself to share. Take some time to rest and recharge! I pray it will be a fruitful time for you.

  9. My blogging mojo has been waning terribly this month -- I'm struggling to find a reason to continue... Hope your break is going well Linda. xo


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