Thursday, May 14, 2015

Dear Linda : : Answering Your Questions About The Transition

The Dear Linda segments around here are all about your pressing concerns.  Like a loved one's serious depression or heart-wrenching abandonment by an adult child or dealing with social media's overwhelming presence.

Serious stuff that matters.

But since this week's In Which This Is All So Very Bittersweet post, I've been getting a delightfully overwhelming response of affirming support for my transition to the Cape.  All your gracious kindness has made me feel so loved and valued.  How can I tell you how much that means to me?

And you've emailed me lots of questions.

Since I'd much rather you hear information about me straight from me than through the always unreliable grapevine, here's some random answers ...

~   note to self - do not tie bulky sweatshirt around mid-section and allow someone to follow you with a camera  ~

Should I keep my appointment with you ... will it be closure or too painful?
I'm with you, friend.  Good-byes are difficult and it's easier to just back off and not go there.  But over time, I've learned that saying good-bye gives the relationship the respect and honor that it deserves, and acknowledges that the other person has played an important role in my life.

It's all a part of leaving well.

My advice?  If you do keep the appointment, bring tissues.  Tears are ok.  Truly.

Are you going to keep on blogging?
Absolutely yes!  I'm eager to see how writing is going to unfold in the next season.  I just love you guys ... and the good part is that I can take you with me.

How cool is that!

Will you still do the blog coaching?
For sure!  My phone goes with me wherever I go and summer's a great time to re-imagine and re-configure your online space in time for autumn's debut.

Can we do lunch?
Brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, supper, midnight snack?  I've never been known to turn down a meal!  Shoot me an email at and I'll be in touch with you as I can.

Can I drop in and see you at Creekside?
I'll be at the office on Thursdays, May 28, June 4, and June 11.  Shoot me an email and we'll see what we can do, ok?

What's going to happen with Creekside?
Creekside certainly is alive and well!  The house church continues to meet on Saturday nights and Bob counsels men and couples during the week.  You can call him at 845.298.0710 for more info.

Will you work at Cape Cod or enjoy a quieter season?
I'm looking forward to chilling out more ... and doing life with my parents who live just 35 minutes away.  We want to begin doing some work on the house {including an office for me above the garage that we're already affectionately calling The Nest}, but honestly, I just can't imagine life without working with women in some kind of counseling / coaching role.

I'll be continuing to work with a few current counseling clients by phone and hope to expand the blog coaching.  I have no plans to open a practice immediately, but am certainly open to a number of options.  I'm sincerely waiting to see where God leads on this.

Maybe I'll do nothing at all.  But I doubt it.

Are you taking all those incredible wooden spoons with you?
Yes, thank you very much!  I've gotten rid of a ton of junk in the last year, but the spoons go along for the ride!  Where I'll put them I have no idea, but I just couldn't say good-bye.  It's bad enough I have to say farewell to people.

Sigh ...

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  1. Change is always bittersweet. And boy, does it take a LOT of work. I know you will be greatly missed, but I'm glad you will still be around in the blogging world!

    And I've learned not to let anyone stand behind me a with a camera...bulky sweater or not :)

    Best of luck to you while you make this transition!

    1. Yeah, change can happen in a split second, but transitions can be a real roller coaster ride. I have a feeling we're going to talking about all kinds of transitions in the days ahead around here. 'Cause if we're not right in the middle of one now, we have been.

      Or will be.

      And ain't that the truth about the bulky sweatshirt and the ever present cameras!!


  2. Okay, I got to the "Can we do lunch?" question and so wishing I could have lunch with you. But love that you are sharing this journey with us here on your blog. It gives us the chance to surround you with love and support through this next step in your life journey. The good news . . . God goes before you and with you! <3 And when you are a writer, your online friends can continue to go with you too. Yeah!!
    Love you sweet friend.

    1. Gee ... well maybe we could meet half-way between here and there? How many hundreds of miles is it?


      Some day, right? Yes, someday.

      Your support encourages me, girl ...

  3. Linda,
    Wow...Cape Cod...I hear it's beautiful from my friends who've been there and how exciting to be planning a "Nest" for an office...and yes, your online friends will be going with you...if you didn't live on the other coast, I'm sure we would have done coffee by now...Praying God continues to be with you and your hubby as you transition to your new place. Love and hugs :-)

    1. Kinda neat that you California girls know about the Cape! That says something about both places, doesn't it!


      We firmly believe God led us to that house because of The Nest. What that looks like we have no idea. But He does have something in store. That we know for sure.

      Thanks for that prayer support. I'm feeling His presence in very distinct ways these days ...

  4. I just love you. You amaze me and I see such a bright future for you. This is going to be an amazing chapter for you. I love that you get to be close to your parents! :)

    1. Yes, He promises 'a hope and a future, to prosper and not to harm.'

      I can't wait to see what that looks like. I am so expectant.

      And yes, I am so happy to be near my parents in this season. God is good! Thanks so much for encouraging me, Sarah.

      Have a wonderful weekend with your sweet family!

  5. Bloom where you are planted--where ever that might be. You are such a beautiful flower, I look forward to seeing how you blossom in new soil.
    Blessings, Dear Friend!

    1. A beautiful picture indeed, Lulu. The Master Gardener's in charge, isn't He ...

      I appreciate this thoughtful benediction, Lulu. Truly.

  6. Hi Linda! What lovely questions people have been asking! You are going to be gigantically missed...but I guess you already know that. My regret is that I live so far from you. Rats!! I'd love to tie on a sweatshirt, go for a walk with you, and grab some lunch. Ahhhhhh...

    I hope you enjoy every moment of closure, every tear that tells you how much you were valued as a counsellor. May God provide a soft pillow to land on, starting with your Nest!

    1. Tie on a sweatshirt!!!!!!!!!!!

      You're too much.


      Actually the tears came last night as I sat and read Tim all the kind words you guys have all left this week. It was a very emotional place for me.

      For sure, if I had read your very funny sweatshirt line right about that time, I would have ended up on the floor laughing.

      You crack me up, girl. Bless me, too. Immensely.

  7. Linda,
    I LOVE the photo -- I laughed out loud at your caption! :)

    1. Well let's just say that the camera and I have never been particularly fond of each other, Valerie. It's one of the reasons you don't see too many pics of me around here.

      Or anywhere else for that matter!


  8. Moving to Cape Cod sounds so exciting!

  9. So glad for all of the above for you and for me!!! Thrilled you will still be writing and looking forward to the blog coaching part that I hope to take advantage of in the near future. Keep on keeping on because God has a great plan for you! Happy weekend!

    1. Can't wait to do the blog coaching thing with you, Mary! What a way to kick off your new season!

      Hope there are pockets of rest for you this weekend, friend ...


  10. Nice to get to know you better through these questions. You gave me an idea. Maybe I'll put up a section of questions on my blog too. Good to know you're staying a while in blogging and writing. :)

    1. Cool idea! Can't wait to check out your Q & A!

      Hope your weekend's been bliss ...

  11. Good luck in your journey! I'm very excited for your new chapter in life. :)

    1. Me, too! Thanks for cheering me on, friend!


  12. I am grateful you will be here still writing and giving out your blogging tips and faith stories.
    God Bless my friend

    1. Me, too! This place here is one of the few constants in my life right now. I see it as a lifeline ... I am grateful that you go with me, friend!



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