... to Creekside Ministries! 

Creekside was co-founded in 2007 as a house church / pastoral counseling center / blog ministry by the Rev. Dr. Bob Eckler and Linda Stoll, M.S., CLC, BCPC.  Over the years, Creekside has become known in New York's Mid-Hudson Valley as a warm, welcoming haven for those seeking Christ-centered emotional healing and spiritual growth.

Bob went home to be with Jesus in November 2019, leaving a powerful legacy of Christ-like compassion and joyful dedication to serving others, a faithful prayer warrior and an outstanding biblical teacher to those he pastored and counseled for 57 years.

Bob's Insights From Scripture blog posts are here.

Creekside's next chapter has begun with The Community at Creekside house church now meeting with Rev. Brent Carl serving as pastor and teacher.

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