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Praying  .  Worshiping  .  Studying  .  Growing  .  Serving  .  Celebrating

- Pastor Bob -
Patterned after the first century church, The Community at Creekside meets every Saturday evening at 7 pm for worship, teaching, prayer, and conversation and coffee ... all in a relaxed atmosphere.

A core distinctive of Community is our recognition that we are all broken and wounded people.  Believing that, we have made it our goal to cultivate a safe place for people to heal emotionally, even as they grow in their faith in Jesus Christ.

- Wayne & Lynn Morrison -
Bob Eckler serves as Creekside's pastor, presenting the Word of God with depth, clarity, and practical application ... and caring for the flock with great wisdom and compassion.  Wayne and Lynn Morrison lead us in worship with Christ-honoring passion and enthusiasm.  And Kathy Bugli serves as our super-capable administrative assistant. 
- Kathy Bugli -

Our desire is to obey Jesus' command to love God with all of our hearts, souls, and minds - and to love each other as He loves us.  We encourage the development of authentic, healthy relationships that truly honor Christ, and provide ongoing opportunities to reach out to others.

Please know that you are welcome to join us.

*    *    *

"Strong Biblical teaching, uplifting worship, a time of deep prayer -
all undergirded by authentic acceptance and Christ-like love."

"Creekside is a community of people who love the Lord and one another.  It's a safe place to learn about the Lord and to worship Him.  They provide a network of support for hurting people. Creekside is home!"

"Creekside represents a non-judgemental family that is supportive and caring -
people who love and show God's grace. Creekside is a place to heal."

"Creekside's an intimate group of like-minded people who love you unconditionally, pray for you,
walk through the valleys, celebrate the good times, laugh, cry, and rejoice with you.
Creekside Ministries house church is a safe and warm place to be."

"Creekside is a wonderful community of loving people who, together, are searching for God's will in their lives, who support each other with the help of the Holy Spirit.  I feel honored and privileged to be part of it!"

"We definitely have become a community that is bonded together."


23 Sandi Drive - Lower Level
Poughkeepsie, New York 12603

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