Sunday, July 1, 2012

10 Books That Changed My Faith

Sarah Bessey has become known as 'an accidental grassroots voice for postmodern and emerging women in the Church on issues from mothering to politics and theology to ecclesiology.'  One of my favorite blog writers, I find the words she pens to be down-to-earth, endlessly compelling ... and at times, quite challenging. 

Sarah's featuring 10 Books A Day for a Week ... and she's invited her readers to jump in and join the fun!  After I read her invite, I headed over to the bookcase and pulled out the little lined journal filled with an ongoing list of all the books I've read since 1992.  Coming in after my well worn, held-together-by-clear-packing-tape NIV Study Bible from 1989, here's the 10 books that changed my faith and the practice of it

I pulled this list together before I read her top 10 faith books, and was surprised {or maybe not so much} that 2 of these are on her list, too ...

Crazy Love - Chan

Radical - Platt

1000 Gifts - Voskamp

The Shack - Young

So ... what are your top 10 faith-stretching books?


+ NOT TO BE MISSED BONUS - Inside Out - Crabb

*  *  *  Coming on Saturday - 10 Books I Reference For Daily Life  *  * 


  1. Gifted to Lead was so good. I also loved the How I changed my mind one as well. Love your list - adding to my queue now. Thanks!

  2. I forgot Larry Crabb's INSIDE OUT ... and anything by Ruth Haley Barton is so excellent. She'll be on Saturday's list.

    Thanks for dropping by, Sarah!

  3. These books changed me so I could walk more freely in faith:
    *More than a Carpenter (McDowell)
    *Freedom of Simplicity (Foster)
    *Spirit-controlled Temperment (Lahaye)
    *Codependent No More (Beattie)
    *Inside Out (Crabb)
    *Women Who Love Too Much (Norwood)
    *Self-Matters (McGraw)
    *Surviving An Affair (Harley)
    *Revelations of a Single Women (Gilliam)
    *Faith and Doubt(Ortberg)

    Linda, How could you forget Inside Out--we were turned inside out together with that one

  4. INSIDE OUT was on the list, but somehow got lost in the shuffle! But I snuck it on there today! A lifechanger in our study together, and then a few years later, the foundation for the pastoral counseling philosophy that I've embraced!

    I'm in the middle of CODEPENDENT NO MORE right now ... that baby is filled with truths, right and left. And I loved REFLECTIONS OF A SINGLE WOMAN, even though I've been married forever.

    So appreciate your list ... and your influence on my life, Buddy!

  5. I just have a moment, but would like to share two books that changed my faith, The Attributes of God by A.W. Pink and (very recently read) 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess by Jan Hatmaker.

  6. These are getting added to lists even as we speak!

    Thanks for weighing in, Elizabeth!

  7. Thanks for the recommendations, Linda! How are ya? I hope you had a restful and joyful Christmas and New Years! Hugs to you!

    1. Welcome, welcome back, my friend! I hope you enjoyed your Christmas break!


      Missed ya ...

  8. two books that changed my life
    Sacred Rhythms, Arranging our lives for Spiritual Growth by Ruth Haley Barton
    Invitation to Solitude and Silence also by Barton.
    I studied these books and have led groups through Sacred Rhythms.

    regarding John Grisham books: i love his book - and especially The Painted House. I lived in south Alabama during the 50s with my Home missionary parents - and i know all about those houses. loved reading it.

    all for now, must run, but i love seeing the lists...i have "found' for after I have surgery - sort of my reward for going through this total Knee Replacement thing! can't wait to read it.

    1. Yes, yes, Carol ... Invitation to Solitude and Silence was one of the most powerful and life altering books I've read. It turned my relationship with Christ upside down and launched me into a deeper spiritual journey.

      And I led a sweet group of women through Sacred Rhythms, too! Small world this is ...

      Quick healing on that knee, friend!

    2. the women I have led through say it changed their life too. We studied it like a devotional - read until something jumps out at you. they journaled during the week and then when we met, shared their journaling (read it). We had it set up for no feedback/correction aka fixing - only to listen to see what God might have for you, which they could share at the end. it was safe and powerful. (I learned that from my spiritual director friend from being in her groups.)

      I even did it by phone conference with 5 people from 4 different states non of whom knew each other - only knew me. It was wonderful and i saw lives change. I dream of doing stuff like that again...but now i have to fix this knee! and then the other one next year probably. dr. says it won't last long, but it's not as bad.

    3. Yes, there is a beauty in reading something just until it speaks to you, then sitting with what is true about what you read. Journaling these kinds of intimate conversations with the Lord was such a huge game-changer for me. A wonderful mid-west spiritual director was an incredible guide along the way.

      And I've never looked back.

      We so need to learn to just sit and be with Him, hear His voice, His response, His comfort instead of racing through our devotional times just to check them off our crazy to-do lists.

      Thanks, Carol, for bringing so much to the table here. I so appreciate your insight and life experience ...

  9. The Shack was actually the first book I read when God began stirring my heart. You provide me with many more books to add to my reading list. As if I didn't have enough already. lol.

    1. This post has gotten alot of attention in recent days but no comments, so I really appreciate you leaving a few words, Beth! And yes, The Shack. Maybe it's time to revisit that special little book.

      Thanks for pulling it off the shelf and placing it on the table today, my friend ...


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