Friday, June 29, 2012

They Get Me Moving!

It's Friday.  And the adventurous young mama beckons with a single word.  With one bleary, half-opened eye on the ticking clock, all the early morning wanna-be writers put pen to paper.  And for these 300 seconds, we agree together to say farewell to endless editing and all those foolish attempts at perfection.

The word on the table today is, gasp, DANCE!

I was raised in a very conservative home where dancing was frowned on.  Probably because my parents had been raised that way, too.  And the church culture we were in prohibited it, as well.

I didn't question it much.  And over time those prohibitions have loosened up.  Those conservative evangelicals started to focus on things that really mattered.  Like the shape of our hearts.

The rules have changed over the years.  We are free to say 'yes' more.  We define ourselves by who we are, by Who we love, and what we love, not by what we won't participate in.

And I love that.  I love emphasizing what's good and right and rich and deep about our faith, about our relationship with Christ.  I love focusing on all who He is and growing more in love with Him and exploring the ways we can love each other well.

When the Spirit is in full control, He guides us into all truth and teaches us who we should be, what we should say, and what we should do.

Gotta say that I don't have lots of opportunities coming my way to hit the dance floor these days ... but if anyone can get me on my feet, it's my grandchildren. 

Thank You, God, for the freedom of movement, the joy of celebration, the lack of pretense they show as they respond to music.  They're the ones that get their old Grandma up and moving, enjoying the captivating sounds and rhythms that were so ...


{pics added after those 300 seconds ...}

Five Minute Friday
- number 300 by suhajab -


  1. Amen to that! So glad that you now feel free to dance with Jesus and your grandkids :-)

    So glad I stopped by from FMF. Blessings to you!

  2. Nothing like kids to prove the body was meant to move to music:)

  3. Yes! Your key words are FREE and JESUS!

    Thanks for kicking off the conversation this morning, Sharita!

  4. Amen! Who could even dream of sitting still when they're around!

    Thanks, Kimberly!

  5. Such freedom! and the kiddies look GORGEOUS!

  6. Children can really show one how to move to music. Their participation is inhibited and innocent.

  7. I can't even begin to put into words how much those 6 little ones have taught me ... already!

    Thanks for dropping by this morning, Tanya and Colline!

  8. Yes...HIs Spirit will lead us into all truth...and those grandloves will make hearts and feet dance. have a great weekend...blessings~

  9. And they do love to dance! We were dancing in our chairs at breakfast this morning!

  10. Love your word 'grandloves' ... that says it all to me. Thanks, Ells!

    And was their mama dancing in her chair, too, K?

  11. I wasn't allowed to dance either, but I loved it sooooo much. I wanted to dance all the time! So, unlike you, I did fight it. A lot. I sneaked out to dance, too. I went dancing every Friday night for over a month until the night my Dad caught me on the dance floor! The humiliation was enough to keep me from trying again. I never stopped dancing in private, though! Ha. I will never forget the song I was dancing to when Dad caught me. I go back to that night every time it comes on the radio. Ah, those crazy teen years.

  12. Ah ... the humilitation! Dad catching his teenaged daughter on the dance floor!

    What stories you could tell, Tereasa!


  13. "The shape of our heart" Yes, that's what matters most!

  14. Yes! In the end, the only thing that counts will be the shape of our souls in relation to the One who redeemed us.

    Thanks, Eileen!

  15. As I read your thanks to the Lord for freedom of movement, I thought, "Thank you Lord for the freedom we find in you and the wisdom that goes along with it."

  16. Preach it, girl!

    Good to hear from you again, Elizabeth. I'm going to head on over and see what you have to say today ...

  17. My background was so similar to yours. I'm so thankful for grace and mercy and the freedom to dance. What a joy it was to dance at both of my kids' weddings this summer!

  18. Yes, our lifesong is all about His grace, mercy, and freedom! And that song impacts every area of our lives.

    Thank you for sharing your wedding joys, Hannatu!


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