Friday, November 30, 2012


There's eyes of wonder here. 
Great big beautiful eyes of blue or brown, hidden behind just a wee bit of plastic. 
But the joy of awesome discovery or zany humor is oh-so-easy to spot just the same.
Brooke - 2012
Alexa - 2012
Melanie - 2012
Andrew - 2009
Katie - 2010
Lydia - 2011
{there's one in every crowd, isn't there!}
Five Minute Friday


  1. Are all six of them yours? I have six kiddos. Life is crazy beautiful. You are blessed.

  2. Oh they're mind alright ... but they're the grandchildren!

    Thanks for making me smile this morning, Christina!

  3. How adorable! Love the different personalities in each picture. You have been highly blessed.

  4. Oh they're personalities, alright!

    Good to hear from you, Jonathan!

  5. Oops, Christina ... MINE, not MIND!


  6. Love the look! Guess they don't need sunglasses in their stocking this year!

  7. How come we don't look that cute in our glasses?



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