Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Grateful . . . Amidst 'Shock, Horror, and Depression'

I'm no stranger to women navigating their way through life-threatening illness. You might remember Kristen, who recently went home to be with Jesus.  And my sister Marilyn and friend Sharon who continue to live life fully ... and their way-too-funny tales of their chemo-baldness uncovered for all the world to see. These women and countless others are heroes to me. 

I recently re-connected with a dear woman from another time, another place.  I had always relished our conversations together 'cause she's quite perceptive, very smart, and has a wonderful sense of humor.  In her email, she shared her new blog with me.  It's not a mommy blog or a decorating blog or anything frivolous or cutesy.  She's writing about the recent discovery that she has Relapsing Polychondritis, a very rare auto-immune disease with no known cause ... or cure.  Bottom line?  Her immune system is attacking and destroying the cartilage in her body. 

Her writing is candid and straight-forward.  With honesty and startling wisdom, this girl is 'rotating between shock, horror, and depression while trying to ignore the all-consuming fear.' 

This week, she considered what thankfulness looks like in the midst of so much bad news.  With her permission, I am honored to share her anonymous journey with you.  In the spirit of this season of gratitude, all I can say is that if you're in the habit of whining or complaining about all things insignificant, this will put a stop to that.  I promise.  And it will remind you, once again, that we are all fading, day by day.  Some of us just seem to be doing so more rapidly than others.

In this post, she muses about her kids, her diagnosis, the process of losing her hearing, and the business trip that takes her away from her husband ...

'In all things, I am supposed to give thanks. I am as yet unable to give thanks for my disease. I hate it and would give it back if I could. 

I am thankful though, for many things that surround my disease ...' {finish reading here}.

P.S.  Would you be so kind as to add this new friend to your prayer list?  We would be most grateful ...

> photo by HaoJan


  1. There are no words - just prayer. When I was sick, just knowing that people were praying helped. God knows our thoughts and fears when we are too weak or too emotionally spent to even pray. I will be praying for your friend.


  2. Words often fall short, ring hollow, or miss the mark. But prayer? Simply powerful and life-changing. Thank you, Kristin and Marilyn ...

  3. Amen. Thank you, Rose ...

  4. My beautiful mother in law was recently diagnosed with Stage 3 Lung Cancer and all that she asks for is Prayer - Prayer for God's will through this process! Praying for all involved. Thank you Linda for sharing the story of this woman with the rare disease - we are fading...fast. Fortunately, our promise is in Heaven anyway!

  5. Cristina, I am so sorry for the painful season your family has been introduced to. You are so right ... our bodies are fading fast. I hold on to that hope, that promise of heaven with you.

    May His sweet peace rest on each of you in a very special way ...


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