Friday, March 9, 2012

A 5 Year Old Defines Mercy

Yesterday, my daughter Jenn was sitting at her kitchen table, coloring with the kids.  Seemingly out of nowhere, five year old Andrew piped up.  "Mom, there's mercy in bowling!" 

"What do you mean?" she rasped patiently.  {Jenn's fighting laryngitis.}

Andrew announced with great enthusiasm, "Everyone's given a second chance to get the pins down."

I was struck by how profound his statement was.  The depth of truth certainly wasn't anything I would have ever thought of.  As always, "a little child will lead them" {Isaiah 11:6}.

So we chatted on the phone last night {he was quite serious and pensive, aka tired} and again early this morning {when he was incredibly, energetically goofy, aka raring to go!}

My Mandrew!  How are you?

Can you tell me what mercy is?
You give someone a second chance when they don't deserve it.

How'd you learn that?
The Veggie Tales Jonah Movie!

Can we watch the movie next time we're together?
Yeah. You'll really like it.

Do you ever show mercy to your sisters?
Um ... sometimes.  I share my toys and I let Melanie play the computer.

Do Mom and Dad ever show mercy to you?
Yes!!  They always make breakfast!!  {He begins to laugh, clearly delighted at his own sense of humor.}

Whatcha gonna do today?
I'm going to go to preschool and SoccerTots and Melanie's going to to gymnastics and I'm going to bring a space figure to my preschool and then bring it home again and ...  {He joyfully collapses into fits of hysterical laughing.} 

I love talking to kids because they have a way of making the deepest concepts oh-so-simple.  They cut through the song and dance to the heart of the matter.  And then go on their way.  Biblical teaching and precepts that adults contemplate and wrestle with forever are simply accepted as truth.

There's something so deeply refreshing about that.  

I wonder if that's why Jesus wanted the children to come to Him, and why he held them up as examples of faith to follow {Mark 10:13-16}.  Maybe He was weary of the constant dialogues and controversies, wrangling and debates ...

Pure and simple faith.  As small as a mustard seed {Matthew 17:20-21}.  That's all He's asking for.  He'll take care of the growth. 

But only if we're willing. 

"He who conceals his sins does not prosper,
but whoever confesses and renounces them finds mercy"
{Proverbs 28:13}.

{This is the 3rd post in the Seven Questions interview series.}

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  1. They cut through the song and dance to the heart of the matter. And then go on their way. Biblical teaching and precepts that adults contemplate and wrestle with forever are simply accepted as truth.

    May we all be childlike...

    Great post...those "babes" sure do have a way with words!

  2. Yes! May our faith and the practice of it be childlike ... but never childish!

    Thanks, Sheila, for stopping by!

  3. A Creekside FriendMarch 10, 2012 at 11:07 AM

    Loved your most recent post regarding mercy (and sweet Andrew!). So simply profound!

    {sent via email}

  4. What a delightful story:) Such insight from children if we really engage them like you did! Thank you for sharing it. Blessings to you.

  5. I never get bored when I'm talking with my grandchildren. And I never laugh more than when I'm with them ...

    Thanks for stopping by, Jacqueline!

  6. I love children, so precious.


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