Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Christmastime Scrapbook

a Boyd's bear gently settles in to make a welcoming appearance
on this year's front door wreath 

afternoon sunlight hits the home-crafted oak mantle laden with
Grandma's vintage ornaments, old celluloid Santas, and fresh snipped holly
big ol' jars make their way from kitchen cupboards
to host these oh-so-fragile orbs
old and new Christmas friends
perch on a tiny vintage wooden ironing board

 this Santa just might light the way
if we dared plug in his way-too-ancient electrical cord

four pairs of eager little hands joined in to decorate the tree
with unbreakable treasures collected over five generations,
as seen in this photo taken very late one evening 

a chipped enamelware plate and a much-used cutting board
host the remains of autumn's potpourri and a fragrant yuletide candle
grinning gingerbread people ornaments
stand at attention in a sparkling 1930/1940s refrigerator dish
chippy white bunnies guard a tiny tree that's taken up wintertime residence
in an old galvanized washtub
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  1. The house looks great! I love the old ornaments in the jar and even the gingerbread men look right at home! Very festive and fun. One question - why do you have a big stocking and your husband's stocking is small????

  2. Well ... mine's about 57 years old and his came along after we married. What you DON'T see is that his delightful daughters gave him a 3 foot stocking a few years ago and THAT'S the one he REALLY uses!


  3. I love your vintage Christmas decorations! Blessings to you Linda! :)

  4. It's a joy to share these sweet gifts with my online friends ...

    Thanks for sharing a bit of your evening with me, Danise!

  5. Thanks for sharing your decorating treasures, Linda. I love the combination of old and new. I'm all about vintage! :)

  6. I've just dragged out a few more childhood toys this morning, dusted them off, and they've joined other playthings under the tree, at the ready for little hands to play with this weekend.

    Warmest Christmas blessings to your family, Beth!

  7. Lovely! Isn't it a joy to dress the tired old house up with lights and love? Thanks for inviting me in!

  8. Oh yes ... dressing it all up with lights and love! So beautifully written, as always. You have that gift!

    Blessings, Laura ...

  9. I love the vintage decor! I remember my mom having some of those glass ornaments.

  10. So fragile, so rare, so lovely!They sure knew how to do it back in the day!

    Thanks for dropping in this evening, Janet ...

  11. Beautiful. You have a beautifully Christmas home! I love the treasure of 5 generations of ornaments. That makes your tree so special!! Adorable bunnies by the little tree. :)

  12. Those faded, fragile, chipped decorations that my grandparents must have scrimped and saved to buy are truly treasures ...

  13. Hi Linda, what a wonderful Christmas home you have. That old bucket is so awesome, I would LOVE that!

    I'm so glad you opened your home and invited us in, thank you Linda. You are such a sweet lady, thank you for being a part of the Christmas Home Tours!!


  14. Hi Linda! Thank you for sharing your warm and inviting home! I'm particularly smitten with your wonderful collection of vintage ornaments and Santas. What a treasure!

    Merry CHRISTmas!

  15. Thanks, ladies, for dropping in ... it's fun to share these little treasures with you all!

  16. Your home looks ready for Christmas. Love the vintage ornaments in the jars and the tree in the bucjet is lovely too.

  17. With all that's occured between then and now, I'm thankful I prepared for this nativity season early this year.

    Thank you for your lovely words, Elizabeth ...

  18. Love your gingerbread ornaments! Beautiful tree. :)

  19. Me, too! I was going to buy 6, one for each grandchild, but I could only find 4 ... so, I had to keep them!!!


    Thanks, Mrs. Pedersen, for dropping in!

  20. Those gingerbread ornaments look good enough to eat! I love your vintage ornament collection.

  21. Thanks, Lily! Those ones that my grandma hung all those decades ago hold a special place in my heart ...

  22. It feels just like an old fashioned Christmas!

  23. That's exactly where we are, Rhondi! And thank you ...

  24. Oh I love all the vintage decor!!! Very sweet!

  25. And the more vintage I get, the more I love it!

    Thanks, Tettelestai ...

  26. I'm stopping by from the Nester's 2012 Christmas Tour of Homes today. Your home is so comfortable and festive.
    I love all of your personal touches.
    Merry Christmas!

  27. Comfortable it is! Thank you for dropping in this evening ... always good to see your name pop up!


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