Friday, March 8, 2013

A Home Defined

More than 4 walls and a roof overhead.

More than a place to hang your hat or put your feet up.

More than a shelter from the storm.

And more than a place for 3 square meals each day.

It's a haven of safety from the demands of life.
It's a retreat, a respite, a refuge.
Love is found here.  The unconditional kind.
Grace is served in heaping quantities.
And forgiveness is asked for and received.
And it's not just for us 2 to savor.
The doors are open for other weary travelers.
And arms and hearts are open wide in welcome.
- photo by heyheyLL -

Five Minute Friday


  1. It's a "sanctuary not a fortress." I love that.

  2. and i think i would love it :-)
    sounds like a blessed place not only for you but for those who find themselves there, as well. it is what we were meant to be, yes?
    happy friday!

  3. Oh yes - the sanctuary, the haven, the hope is meant to be shared!

    Eileen and Steph ... thanks for joining me early on this snowy morning!

    Now for a steaming cup of tea! You, too?

  4. This said it for me: Because it's a sanctuary, not a fortress. I need to savor that one, my friend! Thanks for popping by for a visit!

  5. Dawn ... for sure, we need to savor what we have and figure out the best ways to offer it to others!

  6. "Where grace is served in heaping quantities." I love this!

  7. And I love the end result when that defines who we are ... thanks, Brianna!

  8. How beautifully put, Linda. Inspired me to bake some muffins, and put on the Scottish afternoon teapot!

  9. Love that your sanctuary has swinging, open doors. Clearly you 2 have much love to give. Nice to find your blog!

  10. Quiet One - the whole swinging door thing's an interesting concept ... like a gate, it goes both ways!

    Welcome to the Creekside online community! Please join us again, soon ...

  11. Oh, how I want my own home to reflect this. Just beautiful.

  12. Yes, Alecia, we're all in this together ...

  13. Dear Linda
    This is sooooo true. At our true eternal home, grace is heaped out abundantly for every hungry, searching soul who knocks and seeks and asks. Where forgiveness is free only for the asking and love is the language of every heart. Over via FMF.
    Much love XX

  14. Mia - I love the thought of modeling our earthly homes by the glimpses we have of our someday eternal dwellings!

    Thanks for this insight, friend ...

  15. Beautiful piece of writing--

    --a sanctuary, not a fortress--loved that

    Blessings always,

  16. And blessings to you, too, Dianne ... I appreciate you stopping by, truly!

  17. Beautiful words to describe home.


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