Tuesday, March 5, 2013

10 Seconds with Pa

So ... when was the last time you read a blog post, a magazine article, a book, anything at all on grandfathering?  We've been inundated with more than we'll ever need to know about healthy moms and effective dads.  A bit here and there on doing the grandma thing.  But grandfathering?

It's like these guys are as rare as hen's teeth.

And I'm not sure why.  Because these men can make all the difference in the lives of the little ones of their own little ones.

They can't and shouldn't replace their parents.  But they can come alongside and play and read and explore and jump and challenge and create.  They can model integrity and godliness and character and hard work and a can-do spirit.  They can be the icing on the cake in a healthy family, or pick up some of the slack in a dysfunctional one.

And they can give those hard-working parents a bit of a much needed break here and there.

Do a quick scroll-down to capture 10 seconds in one grandpa's afternoon ... and I'll leave you to imagine this awesome duo's conversation together!

'Children's children are the crown of old men;
and the glory of children are their fathers.'
   Proverbs 17:6 
*   In memory and honor of John Thomananother awesome grandfather.  *
Messy Marriage


  1. Absolutely adorable. The photos show such tenderness and happiness. It's infectious and I loved being able to tell the story myself and think of the conversational possibilities!

  2. Your uncle will love that you thought he was adorable, Jonathan!


  3. She loves her "pa"

  4. Thanks, Linda, for remembering John. Like Tim, he was a special grandpa and his grandkids all thought the world of him. We all miss him so much. Grandpas are special!

  5. So precious...these moments! I treasured every moment mith my grandpa. He was a strong Man of Christ, much like Tim is !!

  6. Yes, Sharon, yes ...

  7. Barb - sounds like you were one of the blessed ones to have a godly man like your grandpa influence your life!

  8. love it! i have the best memories of both my grandpas. oh how i miss them! grandpas are such a sweet gift! :)

  9. Oh, Jennifer ... to have 2 great grandpas ... such a sweet gift from above!

  10. So sweet, Linda. I don't know who this duo is but they look like they're having so much fun! I didn't really get to know either of my grandfathers. One died before I was born and the other died when I was 5 and lived far away. I think I would've benefited so much from having one them around. I'm so glad you highlighted this important truth. We need all the generations in our families to guide the young. :)

  11. That's my husband, Tim, and #5 grandchild, Alexa ... but no matter which of the six kids you pair him up with, it's a truly delightful mix!

  12. awesome images that say a million words....

  13. It's so hard to capture the joy-filled magic of these sweet times together ...

    Thanks, Jenni for celebrating family with me!

  14. you can see the special relationship they share! How beautiful. Here from Studio JRU.

  15. What a treasure of special memories in your photos. :) And don't kids need involved men in their lives now, especially?

  16. Oh yes, Diane, to godly daddies, grandpas, uncles, and friends interacting with our little ones!


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