Thursday, November 8, 2012


Jesus Calling is one of the 10 books I reference for daily life.  The little morning devotional I reach for, the readings that I share with clients.  Sarah Young connects so deeply to her Savior.  I love that we are able to do the same.  To seek His face.  To hear His voice.  To receive comfort and healing and discernment.  To have our lives transformed. 
She writes ... 'Seek to please Me above all else.

As you journey through today, there will be many choice-points along your way.  Most of the day's decisions will be small ones you have to make quickly.  You need some rule of thumb to help you make good choices.

Many people's decisions are a combination of their habitual responses and their desire to please themselves or others.  This is not My way for you.

Strive to please Me in everything, not just in major decisions.  This is possible only to the extent that you are living in close communion with Me.  When My presence is your deepest delight, you know almost instinctively what will please Me.

A quick glance at Me is all you need to make the right choice ...'

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  1. I love this book~ Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. I saw your top 10 list and decided to get everyone of them. This is an awesome devotional. I am planning to get it for a couple friends for Christmas. Thanks so much for your recommendation,Linda !!

  2. What a wonderful Christmas gift! I received 2 copies last Christmas - one from a daughter {that I use with my clients}, and one from a friend {that I reach for each morning}.

    May those books bless and strengthen you on your pathway, Barb ...


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