Monday, November 5, 2012

My Husband's Sister-in-Law Sends Her Birthday Greetings


Happy Birthday!  What are you, 58?  You got a card from me when you turned 50 and I will try to send one when you turn 60!  Don't look for one this year, this is your card!!

Hope you had a relaxing birthday, that you got breakfast in bed and were waited on hand and foot.  I hope you put on a bathrobe, slippers and put a pipe in your mouth and walked around your estate with a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.  I hope you then strolled up the steps to your deck, lounged in a chair, sipped a martini, while Linda put a gourmet dinner in front of you, and you said "this is the life."

Wake up - it is a dream - the reality is that you probably got up while Linda was still asleep.  You went downstairs in bare feet, walked on the cold kitchen floor and made your own coffee.  You then probably got dressed in the same t-shirt and jeans that you wore yesterday and put your feet in a ratzy pair of old sneakers.  

When you walked out the front door, you probably tripped on a brick that was out of alignment and needs to be replaced.  Instead of smoking a pipe, you probably had a bad cough and post nasal drip from sleeping in a freezing house since it is too early in the year to turn the heat on.  When you walked up the steps to the deck, you had a pad of paper in your hand that you were writing all the jobs you still need to do before the snow starts.  As you sat in the chair on the porch, the gutter probably was dripping on your head because there are too many leaves in it.  Forget the martini and we both know that the gourmet dinner was a dream.

Hope you had a great birthday anyway and that you at least made it to Dairy Queen!

Love and Kisses,
Marilyn and Bob

^     ^     ^

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIM!!! Enjoy your special day. Hope Linda at least bakes you a cake, if not a gourmet dinner!! :) Blessings.
    Michael & Sheila

  2. Now that was funny!
    In reality, isn't that how birthdays usually are when you grow up?
    I love the vintage card. Oh, must be because I'm vintage now.
    Hope your husband has a lovely day.

  3. Yeah ... we're all getting vintage, aren't we!

  4. Happy Birthday,Tim!!
    I'm sure that you'll have a great day. You certainly have a wonderful family. Looks like You (Linda) and your sister Marilyn have a gift of creative writing. Priceless!

  5. Yes, my sister can be a real trip!

  6. I wish I had thought of that!


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