Friday, November 2, 2012

* Gentle Lullabies For You {A Giveaway!} *

This is the music that sinks its roots deep down into your soul. Scripture, pure and simple and soothing.
This is a gift for you and your sweet babies as you gently rock them to sleep.
 For afternoon quiet times when you are dying for your toddler to settle down for 30 minutes ... so YOU can catch your breath and regain just a bit of sanity.
 When you're more than tired of the obnoxious DJs and endless commercials and raucous music as you commute back and forth, back and forth.
 And when you sit quietly and meditate on God and His Word.
 These are the songs in the night when you can't sleep. The power of God's Word to root and ground and settle your soul.
 A pleasure for yourself, a stocking stuffer, a shower gift ...
BreakAway Music is providing 4 of their HIDDEN IN MY HEART CDs for a giveaway that begins when I hit the PUBLISH button. And ends next Friday, November 9th, at noon {eastern}. Here's a sampling of music that the angels sing ...

Simply enter by leaving a comment on any post til then. And then stop by next Friday afternoon and see if you're one of the receivers of their lovely generosity!

Five Minute Friday


  1. LOVELY lullabies...I love scripture music! PERFECT for those long and boring sleepless nights :) THANKS for sharing.

  2. Beyond precious, glad you shared.

  3. Thank you for this offer. My sister will be in chemo shortly and I believe this would minister to her in rest times.

  4. Oh, this sounds like a PERFECT way to get in the right frame of mind for my devotionals, or reading scriptures.....thanks so much for the generous offer!!

  5. Hi Linda. I was reading another blog and ended up posting a picture at The Sunday Community where I saw your picture and Title 'The Comforter' so I came to see you! How right you are He is always there to guide and, most of all, to gather us close and comfort us!! So here I am...and I would like to enter your give away, if I may and you post to the UK? I've been going through a difficult time and many surgeries recently that have narrowed my world and left me floundering. I feel as if I am now starting to get on my feet (literally) I suppose that is why your picture and the caption appealed to me...I suppose! Better stop...I'm going on too long! Joan

  6. Never apologize for leaving a long comment ... this door is open! And yes, as my Dad is a UK native, I will be honored to mail the prize to you if your name is drawn ...

    So glad we can minister to your spirit even from across the ocean. Ah ... the wonder of the internet!

  7. God loves to hear us sing His praises. It refreshes my spirit to have His Word proclaimed so that I might be rooted and grounded in Him.

  8. His Word in song brings peace and rest to my spirit. I know these songs will minister Life to all you hear this CD.

  9. It is so beautiful!! Thank you for sharing this precious music!

  10. Simply a moment of calm....thank you!


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