Friday, October 5, 2012

31 Days of Awesome Relationships : : Day 5 : : Welcome to Creekside

'Welcome back!'  My voice rings strong, my words are true as a familiar face comes through the door.  My heart is smiling and I know that the joy I feel in seeing a client entering the Creekside door is evident on my face.

Because the counseling relationship is all about acceptance.  Safety.  Validation.  Grace.  Healing.  Lifechange.  Growth.  At this quiet, peace-filled place, where a rolling green lawn leads down to the gently flowing Wappingers Creek.  Flowers bloom, planted by generous hands.  A fountain flows, the sound of water soothes.  Benches line the patio outside the entrance.

The weary, the worn, the brokenhearted, the grieving - this place has been set aside for you to come and be authentically who you are.  To weep, to process, to reflect, to work through the pain you've stuffed forever.  We work hard at being present for you, letting you know that you matter, that we care.  And that there is hope because of Jesus.

Five Minute FridayBecause He, too, wept.  And He truly gets your sorrow, your desperation, your feelings of abandonment.  And longs to see your broken spirit revived and healed.

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  1. Thanks for finding me today, Linda! ; )

  2. There's a handful of 31 day blogs I'm following ... and I was captivated by your writing, Heidi, as I quickly scrolled through the 1200+ links!

    I'll be sharing my favorite 31 day blogs on day 31!

  3. Creekside sounds like a wonderful place. Blessings.

  4. What a beautiful five minutes. I enjoyed reading how you describe counseling.


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