Friday, September 28, 2012

Little Hands

There's alot of grasping of little hands in this season.  For weeks or maybe a month or two, no chubby little mitts reach out for Ma to hold on to.  And then the car doors slam, and I hear a stampede of little feet as they make their way to our door.   Little arms reach up for hugs.   And I'm hit with a barrage of very urgent chatter as they share what's important.

And I know that loving this next generation is the most important work I will do in this season.  No one ever told me how the love of a grandma could be so deeply intense, yet so much fun.  And I am head over heels ... 

I grasp onto this call with all I've got.  And ride the wave.   These days will be done far too soon.

That I know.

Five Minute Friday

* photo by Mike Cumming


  1. Those days do fly by so quickly! Grasp and enjoy...and be blessed today! :)

  2. Oh so sweet!! The days do fly by, it's hard to remember that in the midst of the chaos and to do lists of everyday. But so important to remember and "grasp" those precious moments we are given :)

  3. Yes, Erin, sooner or later, those little ones will grow up ... and I'm hoping the relationships will keep on growing along the way, too!

  4. Oh let's do set those to-do lists aside! Thanks for the reminder, Stephanie ...

  5. stopping by from 5MF, I got teary eyed reading this. I love watching my parents as grandparents, it's so amazing to watch. They have such a beautiful bond

  6. These 6 little ones are some of the most entertaining, fascinating people I've ever rubbed shoulders with! The bond I have with them is huge with love. I'd throw myself in front of a bus for them any day.

    And this gig is so much easier than parenting ever was ...

  7. How lovely. I have yet to become grandma, but look forward to the day. I know how quickly being Mommy flew by, so I believe it when you say grandma days will fly too.


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