Friday, July 20, 2012

Enough Already

Friday morning's 300 seconds ...

Enough is enough.  You're never enough.  You're just too much.  Enough already!  When's enough enough? 

Enough ... it's a measure.  Of plenty.  Or of want.  And are we ever satisfied by what we've been given?  Or who we are?  What we possess?  What we have to offer?

Are we satisfied in our souls?  Or always reaching out and grabbing for more?  Does contentment and peace define the deepest core of who we are?  Or is there a restlessness and unsettledness that can not be denied?

And what are the standards that we measure this elusive entity by?  The world?  The media?  My colleagues or friends?  A glossy spread in a magazine?

My Creator whispers to me that I am enough.  He tells me that He is all that I need.  He says I am lovely and priceless and valuable and worth dying for. 

And that's enough for me.
Five Minute Friday

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  1. His affirmations are enough for me too Linda. Visiting from Five Minute Friday. Love your opener..."Friday's 300 seconds" Very clever!
    Have a great Friday!

  2. Everyone else's feeble attempts at affirmation surely pale in comparison to the ones from His heart to ours ...

    Thanks for kicking off today's conversation, Tracey!

  3. such a beautiful reminder of by Who we should measure all things! And YES! Praise God! HE is enough!!!

  4. Absolutely!

    Thanks, Jamie ...

  5. Enough for me as well! At least when I'm not second-guessing my purpose or my lot in life--or when I feel inadequate or unloved, etc., etc., etc.
    He is definitely enough. Now for me to grasp solid the truth that I am enough in His eyes and hold onto it even through the doubts.

  6. For sure ... nothing like that endless 2nd-guessing or the oh-so-changeable feelings to get us off kilter.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, Julie!

  7. Great post. You have such depth in seconds!

    {via email}

  8. Thank you, kind writer!


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