Sunday, July 22, 2012

Letting People Help

You might remember my friend Sharon ... she of the ginormous list of senior citizen discounts and the missing wig/pocketbook/shopping cart saga.  She's one of those authentically sweet, humble women who has tons of friends and garners loving respect from all who know her. 

She recently posted this on her blog and I am honored to share it here with her permission.  Because I'm more than sure that she's not the only one who struggles to be a gracious receiver ...

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It's always been hard for me to accept help from others. Mainly because I don't want anyone going out of their way to do something for me. I feel like everyone is so busy and I'm not in desperate need of anything. However, I'm learning (slowly) that that's not the right attitude. The Bible says we're to help each other.

Years ago a neighbor pointed that out to me. She said "Sharon, the Bible says we're to help each other, but if you won't let me help you, you're not letting me follow what God wants me to do". Whack right between the eyes! I'm still learning that, though. I always love to help others (it's been one of the highlights of my life), but just feel like I'm intruding on their valuable time if I let them do something for me.

I'm a really slow learner, but this week I decided to give in and let others be blessed by doing something for me. Take today, for instance. We were at the cancer center most of the day (again) for {my husband's} 8th chemo, and then we had to make a few quick stops on the way home. {My daughter's} family was going to be here for dinner and he told me I was NOT to cook tonight....that we'd just eat out. Usually I would go ahead and cook something, but this time I didn't even have any meat thawed.

About 2 minutes after we got home the doorbell rang and it was a couple who lives on the other end of our development (subdivision, for you mid-westerners). They were out walking and had 3 (yes 3) meals in their oven for us. For once I didn't argue about it. I graciously let them go home and get the meals. They also brought 2 loaves of Italian bread.

While they were still here, the gang pulled up. What perfect timing! They brought a whole bag of corn on the cob from their garden and we had a complete dinner....with 2 more in the refrigerator. Now I don't have to cook tomorrow either! Another big blessing from the Lord!!

We've been blessed with fruit baskets, food, and all kinds of goodies. And I know it makes people feel good when they can do something for someone, because that's how I feel when I help others. So, this old lady is finally figuring out how to let people help.

Better late than never, I guess.

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