Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ready to Get a Life?

Thanks to Melissa at The Inspired Room for this gentle reminder!

And here's 45 resources that might spark something long ago abandoned ... or ring true for you ... or be just the motivation your bored or restless soul's been yearning for. 

To your health ~


  1. I love the "Go Outside" segment of your collage! This is something I struggle with since I am a bookworm. There is only so much that a book can teach me. I'm "ready to get a life!"

  2. And what could be more fun than taking that book out there with you ... on the porch, in the hammock, in a comfy chair in the shade?! Or sharing it with a book club friend?

    Thanks for kicking off this conversation, Jennifer. Welcome!

  3. Short and sweet and so right on!

    Thanks, Elizabeth!


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