Monday, May 7, 2012

Toddler Photoshoot

Re-energized by a weekend nap and raring to go, the little sisters in their brand new, matching party dresses raced around the living room, peals of joyful laughter and enthusiastic chatter filling the air.  I just knew that it was time to get grab my camera before pizza and homemade chocolate cake were added to the mix.  'Let me get a quick picture before the party!' 

But there was no way these little ladies were going to stand still and 'say cheese.'  Toddlers don't stand still.  It's just not going to happen.  And no matter how you beg and plead and bribe, few of them are interested in posing for the camera at your convenience.  Especially when there's a growing pile of bright shiny boxes and bags with ribbons that are calling their names.  Larger than life Minnie Mouse balloons mesmerize as they reach to the sky.  All kinds of fun people are just about to walk through the door.  And it's time to party!

They were on the run.  I should have simply taken a video.  'Let's have them sit on the blue chair,' their always optimistic, ever-patient mama decided. 

mmm ... not so much.  Because this is the chair that BOUNCES!  Eagerly, they jumped to their feet and took a quick turn to check out their mama's vintage teacup collection. 

And then the chair magically morphed into a real-life trampoline! Jumping up and down with great glee, they sprang into action. Literally. And the real party began ...

Happy birthdays, sweet sisters. My Lex and Brookie Cookie, precious answers to oh-so-many fervent prayers.  Beautiful bundles of exuberant life.  Little miracles that radiate God's goodness and blessing.  I love you so. 

And now Grandma needs a nap.  Because we'll all be together again next weekend.  And your four enthusiastically-overflowing-with-life cousins will bring their own special brand of joy-infused energy to the table.  And we'll party once again!


  1. Happy Birthday sweet girls!

  2. ;-}

    As Alexa would say, 'You're a sweet little mama!'

  3. Oh, Linda, they are so precious! I can't believe how big the girls have gotten! I know you are enjoying every minute. Such a blessing!

  4. And yes, they are SO precious that I'm heading out the door to MA for another playdate!

    Thanks, Jennifer ...

  5. Linda....the pictures of the girls are adorable! I also loved listening to the story about Ian and Larissa. What a wonderful love story...with God at the head of their marriage! So touching!
    (And thanks for having brunch with me yesterday. I needed it!)

  6. That you would leave a comment while in the midst of everything you're going through means so much!

    You're in my prayers, Sharon ...


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