Friday, March 23, 2012

Back Home Again

This has been "Housekeeping Week" on the website as we've tried to tweak the new, "state-of-the-art" format we had selected for the blog.  But, alas, after much frustration, hair pulling, and nights filled with restless, unsettling dreams about the technical intricacies of blog design {AARGH!}, we've switched back to our original format.  The comments links were coming and going, selected colors were disappearing, weird numbers were popping up on the pages, and there were too many surprises and unanswered questions to continue down that road.

I value my sanity!

Blogger's always provided a super, easy to navigate site, and so since I'm no technical wizard, we're back to what's tried and true. 

I feel like I've come home again. 

>>>  Be sure to let us know your reactions!  At the bottom of each post, select your response to what you read.  Simply click on the little box.  Yes - YOU can do this - it's easy!  And we're always looking for your comments.  Click on the little red comment link if you have an opinion or some words of wisdom to share.  If all else fails, shoot me an email and I'll post your thoughts.  Your interactive input is what makes blogs work. 

>>>  The Linked In widget that takes you to other posts at the click of a picture has always been a big hit.  And now we've added a 5th link so you can explore more.  Simply look for the words "You might also like" at the bottom of each post, and click!

>>>  Katherine, our advisor for all things technical, will be putting up a new header soon.  

>>> My ministry partner, Bob, is picking up his pen again, and will be returning with more Insights from Scripture that are strongly biblical, easy to read, and filled with wisdom borne from years of intensive study, effective ministry, and a wealth of life experience. 

>>> And the top 5 posts this month are:

>>> Finally, warm congratulations to Lisa in Pittsburgh, PA, the winner of the $10 itunes gift card!

Enjoy ~

= mop and bucket by sarahkiff
number 5 by Leo Reynolds =


  1. Thank you!!! WOW, what a blessing! So happy to have won the itunes gift card. :)

    Lisa G

  2. Enjoy every song, every time, Lisa!

  3. Thank you! I'm glad to see the old, familiar format back again! All those snapshots seemed like a wall facing me.

  4. I hear you! Sometimes familiar is best ...

  5. Glad you are back to the regular blog site! I can navigate this one - the other was confusing! Also I couldn't scroll down the "affirmation" info - I thought I was just having computer issues!

  6. I'm guessing your computer was just fine!

    Thanks for not giving up on us ...



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