Saturday, March 10, 2012

Emotional Eating 201

March is National Nutrition Month.  And if we've ever needed to pay attention to what's going into our bodies, it would be right about now.

We're morphing from a cold, gray winter into the fresh anticipation of spring.  And in this transition, it's not uncommon to realize how lethargic we've become.  Lacking motivation and drive, many of us have remained within our spaces, within ourselves.  Content to just veg out, the victims of winter have become rather complacent, restless, empty, sedentary.

And you might have been eating.  Out of boredom.  Stress.  Frustration. 

Most of us are no strangers to emotional eating.  Filled with unresolved hurt, fear, pain, disappointment, and other emotions that tend to turn toxic and paralyze us when left unattended, our gut level reaction has been to jam food into our mouths.  Any comfort we do receive quickly comes to a grinding halt.  We end up feeling disgusted.  Filled with self-loathing.  In need of more comfort.  So we head off to the kitchen again.  And the cycle goes on and on.

Linda Foster writes, "It’s natural to crave chocolate cake, ice cream, and other foods that seem to improve your mood when you’re feeling stressed, even though you know they’re not healthy snacks. The problem is, they may temporarily lift your mood, but they can also send you ..."

That long anticipated arrival of a new season is the perfect opportunity to look our emotional eating straight in the eye and say a firm adios.  Farewell to the unfinished business in the depths of our beings.  Truth be told, you know the red flags have been waving for awhile, crying out to be tended to.  And chocolate just isn't going to cut it anymore.

6 Steps to Conquering Emotional Eating may jumpstart you just a bit. 

One of the most pivotal questions Jesus asked was, "Do you want to get well?" {John 5:6}.  Is this your time to listen to those inner cries for healing?  Pay attention to your depression, to your anxiety, to any signs that something is off kilter.  These are invitations to listen to your body, signaling a desperate need for help.

In reflecting on anxiety, Rhett Smith writes, "... God wants you to pay attention to it.  He wants you to listen to it.  For in your anxiety God is speaking to you and He is encouraging you to not stay content with where you are.  In that anxiety God is calling you forth out of that false place of safety and into a stage-by-stage journey where He wants to help you grow ..."

And there's no better time than today.  Stage by stage, step by step.  Even as you throw open the windows to glimpse the first signs of spring, envision this as an opportunity to begin to walk out of the darkness where you've been hiding.  And into the light of hope and health ... at every level of your being.
- window photo by Glenn Harris -


  1. A Creekside FriendMarch 11, 2012 at 9:42 AM

    A note to say, "hello" and to tell you how proud I am of all your accomplishments! I continue to read your blog and find it provides insight and wisdom to help me on my journey.

    We are doing well. Our marriage is growing everyday. You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

    Thank you for helping us on the journey!!

    {sent via email}

  2. What an honor to journey with you and others along the way! I have been grown and stretched by our conversations together ...

    I am so delighted that God is blessing your home! Thank you so much for your little note ... please keep in touch.

  3. A timely post today. Have started a 7 day liquid only detox as the 1st step in getting rid of my candida. Today I have thought about food all day and most of the time it wasn't that I was hungry (which surprised me as I haven't 'eaten' anything solid for 19 hrs so far!), but for emotional reasons. I am a big emotional eater, especially with sugar. This had led me to symptoms of candida which I have ignored for years, but finally my body has shouted ENOUGH and I am finally listening.

  4. Fear often leads us to ignore the red flags that our body sends out - those symptoms that let us know that there's something out of kilter deep inside.

    It's good to ask ourselves, "What am I so afraid of?"

    Please be sure to consult with your doctor for any medical treatment you might need in conjunction with the fasting that you're doing.

    May you see your health improving ... quickly!


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