Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pulling It All Together!

Having trouble sorting through all your accumulations?

Buying more than you'll ever need or use?

Got tremendous emotional attachment to stuff that's long outlived its usefulness?

Think you've got to be a perfectionist to be well organized?


Author Sarah Stebbins reveals a variety of keys to becoming more organized:

1. Walk away from bargains

2. Make peace with imperfection

3. Never label anything "miscellaneous'

4. Schedule regular decluttering sessions

5. Stick with what works

6. Create a dump zone

7. Ask for help

8. Separate emotions from possessions

9. Foresee (and avoid) problems

10. Know where to donate

Click here to read all the necessary details!

And check out one client's rather disastrous attempt at organization. You'll love her tale of woe!

Feeling Just A Tiny Bit Motivated Today ~


  1. I love all the hands-on motivation you share on your site {}, Laura, and the opportunities you give your readers to share their stories and ideas with each other!

    Thanks for stopping by ...

  2. Great tips, I am going to have to copy them!

  3. And I like that I don't have to accomplish all ten steps to feel like I've gotten something substantial done!

    Thanks for dropping by ...


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