Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Insomniac's Prayer

In the quiet hour, the darkest hour before the dawn,
When life seems grim and hope is gone,
I know He's there.

In the quiet hour, when in the midst of pain and doubt
My tear filled eyes see no way out,
I feel His care.

In the quiet hour, the silent aching of my heart
Becomes a prayer.

In the quiet hour, my prayer unspoken meets His ear,
And God is there.

In the quiet hour, God speaks to me His words of peace.
His gentle voice brings sweet release.
He touches me.

In the quiet hour, His Spirit covers me with love
And brings me comfort from above.

In the quiet hour, the darkest hour before the dawn,
God is there.

May the tender Holy Spirit rest your soul
during the restless hours ~


  1. Very cool prayer. I'd love to set it to music. Actually I heard a melody the very first reading. You seem to credit lantzchoralpublications.com, but they make no reference of this poem. Is this published anyplace?

  2. Hey Dave ~

    Thanks for your note! This was sung at my parents' church and credited to David Lantz III.

    The title is "In the Quiet Hour."

    Check out http://www.beckenhorstpress.com/title.asp?id=1855



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