Friday, January 20, 2012

Feeling Like Gumby

If you know me well, you KNOW that I have a great heart for the health, sanity, life balance, and well being of ministry leaders, having gone through the whole depression and burnout thing myself back in the day.  So I've appreciated the work of Scott Couchenour in recent years.  A self-described introvert and "recovering burnout and depression sufferer," he now coaches and writes with a sharp focus on the needs of ministry leaders.  Serving Strong is a blog worth keeping your eye on. 

Anyway, I had fun sharing my story with him last July, and so I was happy to respond when he recently invited me to write a guest post.

"When you received your call into ministry leadership, it probably never crossed your mind that one of your sacrifices would be your energy.  Tight finances, less family time, not alot of room for advancement ... those considerations were probably in there for you.

But energy?  No way!

And then slowly but surely, you begin to feel like Gumby.  Pulled from all directions by ..."


*** 6 Burnout Lessons for Ministry Leaders ... and anyone else who's feeling a bit fried around the edges ***

- Gumby by Maya Lucchitta -

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