Monday, January 23, 2012

A Note From My Sister

Marilyn, October 2010

When I was having treatment you gave me a devotional book called Journey Into Day (meditations for new cancer patients) by Rusty Freeman. I told you then that it was really good and I got around 1/2 way through it and put it down. We must have had company around that time because I recently found it in a paper bag of piles of papers that I had put in my closet!! I started reading the book where he starts talking about the end of treatment, remission, etc. It is excellent and definitely the best book for new cancer patients - (not sure if it is good for people who are terminal). It is written by a pastor who has had cancer two times.

I'm thinking of buying a bunch and bringing them to the oncology treatment waiting rooms - I know the one at Beth Israel they take all kinds of books - and I'm also thinking of giving some to the oncology chaplains office. So, thanks for passing it along - I think you got it from one of your friends.

Guess it is good we were cleaning out a closet!

Thank you to those who still ask for my sister.  She continues to forge ahead ... and in a monthly cancer support group, she's now impacting the lives of other women.


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