Monday, April 19, 2010

Hey, Church Leader!

Are you a leader in your church or ministry? 

Guess what?

1.  It's okay to say no.

2.  It's okay to have uninvolved people.

3.  It's okay not to grow numerically.


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  1. I caught up on the last couple of posts this morning and loved the piece with the 3 truths for church leaders. I've found myself getting bogged down and saying "why don't more people get involved and help at church....then a few of us wouldn't have to do so much of the work". I had to stop and think that maybe a lot of those people are doing God's work like He wants them to be doing....just not right at church. The other 2 points were really good too. Too many times we get hung up on numbers, but I've noticed that the northeast ... is famous for "church hoppers". So the numbers aren't going to shoot way up when people won't stay in one spot long enough.

    (Note from Linda - Comment sent via email.)


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