Saturday, April 17, 2010

" ... the hardest moment of my entire life was ..."

Jenn has given me permission to share her most recent CaringBridge journal post.  Click on the link on the last line to read the entire entry. 

"Let me tell you, the hardest moment of my entire life, was putting on a gown and walking my little girl into the OR. I held her hand as she fell asleep and God gave me the strength to walk out to the waiting room, trusting the surgeons but ultimately trusting in Him to take care of her.

Even in this emotionally agonizing moment, I did not question God or ask Him why all this was happening.

Again, when we woke up in the middle of the night and found Lydia seizing, the second scariest moment of my life, I didn’t need to ask God why or where He was. I knew He was right there with us, holding my little girl, loving her more than I ever could. I knew that if I continued to lean on Him for strength and peace, He would give it to me, and He has!

Thro​ughout this I have continually seen ..."

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  1. this story is so encouraging. i love it when God's people come together as an encouragement to others...


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