Monday, September 7, 2009

"Building Children's Self-Esteem"

1. Make sure that your children know they are worthy just because they are God's children.

2. Give unconditional love at all times.

3. Be alert to any signs that your children may be developing a distorted self-image - seeing themselves as unworthy, useless, less than adequate.

4. At all times, verbally affirm the positive strengths you see in your child.

5. Every child has unique gifts, so intentionally try to help your child discover what these unique strengths are, even if they are not on your agenda or value list!

6. Make sure that the feedback you give your child is not distorted by your own desires or disappointments.

7. Provide an atmosphere of complete trust for your child.

8. Some negative feedback in life is inevitable, and probably true, so every child must develop the courage to face up to, and learn, whatever he/she can from it.

9. Critical to a healthy sense of self is the development of a trustworthy 'self-evaluating internal filter' that will acknowledge the positive things about oneself, and not hoard the negative things. By allowing your child to share their successes, failures, and feelings with you, you can strengthen the accuracy of this filter.

10. A healthy self-esteem cannot be built just on achieving a lot of success.
- Archibald Hart, Writing for AACC's Pass It On

Good food for thought for all parents, grandparents, and teachers ~

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