Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Cherished Books 4 Little Ones

Hands down, reading has always been my favorite pastime.  I have comforting memories of my childhood years, snuggling close to my sister and cousins and Grandma as she read those wonderfully creased and worn Little Golden Books.  And then there was that moody sullen teenage era, when I closeted myself away in the sanctuary of my room with my own miserable company, escaping in the endless pages that captured my attention.

Along the way, the library was a second home.

As I made my way through the routine dailyness of mothering, cuddling up and reading with my girls was a relaxing way to spend the hours in our little house high on the hill.  We made our way through shelves and bags of books over and over again.  And visits to the library became part of our weekly routine.

During the seasons of education and lengthy periods of solitude that have followed, a growing variety of books have been steady, nurturing companions.  And these days their importance continues as a perfect way to quiet and soothe and refocus our six oh-so-energetic grandkids.

I love reading to my grandchildren.

The nuts haven't fallen far from the tree, as they say.  So I when I asked my oldest daughter what books mesmerize her two cherubs most, she gave me these favorite go-to choices.  For Christmas, a birthday or shower gift, or a donation in honor or memory of someone?  Here you go!  Snuggle close with your favorite little person and enjoy ...

If the fun little Amazon Carousel isn't spinning in your view of this post,
here's the list!

I Love You: A Keepsake Storybook Collection - Baker

Elmo & Friends - Sesame Street

Peter Pan - Luske

Numbers 1-10 - Disney

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  1. Hi Linda! The library was one of my favorite places to go too. I think I relished the quiet, there was so much going on at our house!

    Did you mean to list some book recommendations here? I don't see them. Well, maybe you just alluded to them when you asked your daughter about Christmas gifts for the Grandchildren. I'm giving both my grandchildren a book too. Love that. It's so good to encourage reading!
    Blessings on this Tuesday!

    1. Yep, there's a very fun Amazon carousel that spins round and round with their top ten favorites! Maybe not all browsers {or whatever!} are supporting it. Bummer!


      Don't you love technology? I'll get a list posted, too. Thanks for the heads up, Ceil!

  2. Thanks for the list Linda. I am on a Mac, so maybe that's it?
    My granddaughter LOVES Elmo. I mean, she has a real thing for that furry guy. I'm writing that book down for sure. Oh, and the animal noises one. She doesn't say an animal's name, but makes the sound instead. This will be perfect!

    So glad I can see the list now. The carousel sounds amazing, I'm bummed I can't view it too :(

    1. You KNOW you're a grandma when you can make those animal noises even better than she does!


      Wouldn't we all have fun together!


  3. Oh, Linda, reading to my children or grandchildren is one of my favorite activities. I guess it's not surprising that two writers share that common interest. Lovely post!

    1. mmm ... a writer. I don't often think of myself that way. Thanks for that recalibration, that word of blessing this morning, Nancy. You've made my day!

      And welcome back!


  4. I remember having my Mom read to me when I was a little girl. One of my favorite books we called "The Blue Book" because the cover was blue and although all the pages in it are loose and some are torn and taped with yellowed tape I still have it and read a couple of stories in it on a whim not long ago . . . and they're still good. Reading is such an great way to build memories and teach lessons all at the same time!!

    P.S. writer is one of your wonderful hats you wear and so glad that you do!

    1. Aren't those the best volumes ever ... the tattered ones held together with love and a prayer and layer after layer of very old tape.

      And as for the 'wonderful' hat? All I can say is thank you. I thank Him.


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