Friday, March 15, 2013

The Weekends We Live For

There's no rest for the weary on those weekends.  We throw a few bags into the back of the white pickup, and head hours away, either north or south.  He drives.  I sleep.  Because we know that once we get to one of two destinations, the good times begin.  And we'll run straight through.  And love absolutely every minute of it.

We'll watch gymnastics and basketball.  We'll walk the neighborhood or head over the bridge or to the playground or along any kind of shoreline that's around.  Pa will ice skate while Ma sits and cheers and takes pictures.  On a good day, she might even venture on to the trampoline {gasp}!  We'll play games and color and do play-doh and build stuff.  We'll read stacks of books by the hour and cuddle.

And laugh.  Alot.

These are the weekends we live for.

Sooner or later I'll meet up with a friend and she'll ask, 'do you have any recent pictures of the kids?'  And I never do.  No smart phone, no old-fashioned brag book resides in my bag.  'Check the blog,' I'll say ...

Kathryn & Lydia
Andrew & Melanie

Me & Alexa

Five Minute Friday


  1. climbing that tree looks like a ton of fun! Be Blessed. coming over from FMF

  2. Nice direction. No rest...yet some many beautiful memories!

  3. Yep ... I'll catch my rest another time, another place!

    Thanks for joining me early this Friday morning, friends!

  4. Totally sweet blessings! Enjoy your Panera time..I'm smiling at the thought! ANd jealous if you have a laptop! Have a great weekend!

  5. mmm ... Still haven't brought the laptop there ... too busy yakking away, sipping something hot, reconnecting.

  6. I love that you tell people to check your blog for recent pictures! Enjoy your weekend.

  7. Yep ... that's where the pictures end up! No Facebook on this end, CD!

  8. I loved this! Can I come too? :-)

  9. This season simply sparkles, Linda. Gotta tell you I love it, too!

  10. And they love their times with "ma" and "pa!"

  11. Just living, interacting, joy - why does it just have to be weekends! Sigh! Wishingyou all that this weekend!

  12. Ah yes, Blue Cotton Girl ... just a weekend here, a weekend there ...


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