Monday, November 12, 2012

A Mantel Full of Gratitude

Thankfully, Halloween is over with its chintzy plastic pumpkins and fake spiders and gross cobwebs ... and way too much cheap chocolate.  Adios.  We are now entering the season of gratitude, which will culminate at the end of December as we celebrate the birth of our Lord. 
Last year, I started my Christmas shopping on Halloween.  And I beat myself to it this year, with some carefully selected gifts beginning to make their way onto one of the quilt-covered beds in the 'country room,' carefully arranged in neat little piles.  My kind husband has put a twinkling candle in every window, which is the only non-negotiable decorating event around here in this season of the year.
Yes, the holidays are beginning.  And one thing I do each year is dust off HERE COMES THE NATIVITY, which was written a decade or so ago and still says it all when it comes to doing Jesus' birthday well.  Maybe it'll give you some very practical pointers as you set forth to observe and celebrate yet another Christmas season with those you love.
I love the GIVE THANKS PUMPKIN TUTORIAL that Jennifer from Studio JRU has put together for this season of gratitude.  It's so simple that your kids could do it, but speaks so deeply to the heart that you just might want to create this off by yourself somewhere.  The photographs are so compelling that I want to sit right down and craft this right now for my own mantel.  But, alas, I have a meeting today and then a get-together tonight, and some much-needed visits with friends are in the mix and many appointments jam my calendar right through the week. 
I probably won't be able to get to it ... so would you please take the lead and make your own mantel/table/bookcase/piano/dresser top come alive with the truth that we have so very much to be grateful for?
Click here and be entranced by the stunning photographs and motivated by Jennifer's easy to follow tutorial.  {My favorite part of the whole project?  I LOVE those aged tags!  Please craft an extra few for me, would you ...}


  1. Thanks for the idea for the great mantel decoration. I love the simplicity of it and appreciated the tutorial. I especially love the old looking tags! I am not a "crafter" but obviously God has given you a gift - If he ever leads you into the merchandising field, put a link on Linda's website!

  2. Linda... you are so sweet! Thanks so much for sharing my tutorial. I am happy you enjoyed it and the tags! :) (I am not sure if the previous anonymous comment was directed at me or not, if it was you can tell them I do have a shop!)

  3. Yes, Jennifer does have a shop ... here you go! Please pay her a visit at

  4. Thanks for all the the great holiday tips and I love the mantle display! I'll have to check out the tutorial. Thanks for getting me in the holiday spirit, Linda!

  5. I 'bout fell over this morning when it hit me that Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK!

    Where'd fall go?

    Thanks for dropping in this evening, Beth ... have a blessed holiday!

  6. Love your give thanks display! The look of the vintage white pumpkins is so classy. Wishing you a blessed holiday season :)

  7. Likewise, whoever you are!


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