Saturday, October 20, 2012

31 Days of Awesome Relationships : : Day 20 : : Matchmaker, Matchmaker

I doubt that arranged marriages are anywhere near legal or ethical or biblical in today's culture.  But after viewing this clip and checking out my littlest little one, totally captivated by her evening's entertainment ... well, what do you think?

Thanks to organizing mavens Laura and Susie, here's a little background on my man of the hour, Eli. 
{And did you hear him say, 'yes ma'am'??  I love this kid!}
And here's my youngest granddaughter, Brooke, a few months back and completely unprompted, fully absorbed in taking care of business ...

Is this a match made in heaven or what?
*    *    *

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  1. Love my Brookie! Someone has to be organized in our house!

  2. Linda,
    I am ROFLOL!!! This cracked me up. We should arrange this, :)I think they are a perfect match!!!! Brooke is organizing her shoes so neatly. Thanks for the post, you have started my day off with a smile!
    God Bless,

  3. ;-}

    This was absolutely the most fun 31 Days post yet!

  4. Ahhh it's a whole new generation of junkies :) (in a good way of course!)

  5. mmm ... it'll be interesting to see their rooms in about 10 years!

    Thanks for dropping by, Laura! And you KNOW I love your blog ...


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