Saturday, October 13, 2012

31 Days of Awesome Relationships : : Day 13 : : Obnoxious Fans

We've all seen and heard them at our kids' games.  Screaming and shouting at the pint size players out on the field.  Relentlessly demanding that coaches and refs reconsider decisions.  What started out as positive, wholesome, character building activity disintegrates into a dazzling display that turns heads.  But it's demeaning.  And embarrassing.

And guess what?  The kids hate it. 

That's the number of kids who wish their parents wouldn't attend their athletic events, because they yell too much, make them nervous, and/or put pressure on them to win, according to Real Simple magazine and i9 Sports, a national franchise of youth leagues and camps.

How 'bout we ease up on the kids?  And maybe find a more legitimate way to live our our own unfulfilled dreams? 

What runs through their minds when they hear this verbal ranting and raving? 

I.  AM.  SUCH.  A.  LOSER.
or maybe
  I.  AM.  SO.  OUT.  OF.  HERE. 
or perhaps
I'LL.  NEVER.  BE.  ABLE.  TO.  MAKE.  IT.  ON.  MY.  OWN.

Rather than making a spectacle of ourselves and putting unending pressure on the kids to live something we never achieved, maybe we can put the focus back on developing respectful team interaction, building character, and staying healthy.

Just my 2 cents ~

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