Thursday, September 27, 2012

An Autumn Scrapbook

Way back in August when we'd all just about experienced enough of summer, super-creative The Inspired Room blogger Melissa threw out the invitation to look ahead to fall.  Her 5th Annual Fall Nesting Party, to be exact.  And though it seemed oh so far away, I was intrigued by her invite, and began to create this mini album packed with 20 little things I love about fall

Please do meet the talented photographers by clicking on the descriptions below these sweet snapshots.  Savor a mug of something to warm your bones ... and enjoy some of autumn's sweetest treasures ~

an enamelware bowl laden with scented potpourri perches on my vintage oak filing cabinet


dear friends venture out onto NY's Walkway Over the Hudson



  1. The photos capture the beautiful essence of Fall - one of my favorite children's books, "When will the Snow trees Come" does that with fall, too! I love it!

  2. Oh yes ... the snapshots say it all! Please, snow, wait awhile!

    Thanks, BlueCottonMemory!

  3. Cranberry muffins! YUM! Stopping by from The Inspired Room. Happy Fall!

  4. One of those muffins would be good right about now with a cup of tea!

    Thanks for stopping by, Our Fine House!

  5. Bittersweet! I can't wait to see it hanging from the trees as I drive through the greenway here.
    What a lovely collection of FALL photos!
    Wishing you a Blessed Fall!!

  6. I used to love making wreaths out of bittersweet ... to sell, to keep, to give to friends. Loved the thick vines filled with bursting blossoms.

    But, alas, it is hard to find these days ...

    Thanks for adding to the conversation, Diane!

  7. Love the pictures, especially the leaf pile...that one is marvelous! Have a lovely week.

  8. Your photos compliment your words perfectly. If I didn't love Fall, I would after reading your list!

  9. Your grace-filled words are making my day!

    Thanks to all who are taking the time to leave a sweet note in the midst of your busy hours ...

  10. There is so much to love about fall, and your list has captured much of it. Looking for sea glass is so much fun! Hope you find lots.

  11. Linda - Love your list. I've never experienced the beach in the Fall. That's something I would love to try sometime. Thanks for sharing with us.

  12. Long walks on solitary beaches on a warm autumn day? Absolutely one of life's most serendipitous joys ... especially if you can find some seaglass along the way!

    Thanks for stopping by, ladies!

  13. I love you combination of pictures with your list. Such a wonderful inspiration.

  14. Thanks, Jen! I had a ball pulling this together!

  15. Such a beautiful scrapbook, Linda :). You have me ready for sweaters and a good log in the fireplace :)

  16. Laura ... the fleece vests are off and running!

    Love them! Thanks, as always, for taking the time ...

  17. I think I'm going to need to come back again to check out more about those wonderful images you shared!

  18. I hope you will, Stephanie! Every time I scroll down something else grabs my eye ... and fills me with gratitude.

  19. Your list is so fallish and fun.

    I am a wee bit late to the party but glad to link up.



  20. It's never too late to link up, to comment, to jump in to the conversation!

    Thanks for dropping by, Glenda!

  21. Great images of fall. Thanks for the muffin link. Muffins are such a comfort food for me. Muffins are one of the first things I learned to bake from scratch in my young days of
    4-H. Janita


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