Friday, June 15, 2012

Navigating the Path

It's fast become part of my early Friday morning routine.  She puts the subject on the table and we write for 300 seconds straight, with little, if any editing.  Then we grab a cup of something warm and the conversation kicks off in a sweet potpourri of blogs that rings around the world.

I love it!

And today's compelling invitation to write is the word PATH.

*   *   *

At times the path has been straight and well-marked and predictable.  I didn't have to be too terribly cautious or watchful along the way.  I traveled lightly and easily and enjoyed the sights and sounds and the company.

But truth be told, at times the path has been rocky and oh-so-steep.  Not too pleasant surprises have jumped out at me, jarring me out of my dreams that all would go well and that life would come easy.  Obstacles, those uncertainties that suddenly loom without warning, kicked the complacency right out from under me.  More than I wanted to admit, in my uncertainty or fear or wondering what went wrong, I felt very alone.

But then always, always, the Shepherd has made His presence known.  I knew He was there all along, but didn't lean heavily on the strength of His loving hand.  The rug of predictability pulled out from under me, I am sooner or later forced to rely heavily on His deeply wise and loving counsel, guidance and support.  And as I made those choices to turn to Him, the path, however rocky and ...

*   *   *

And in the middle of my very early morning musings on His faithfulness, my 300 seconds are up!  But thankfully, He's not done taking His daughter by the hand and leading her forward.

You, too?

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  1. Thank you Linda for your comment! I'm definitely excited about joining in! :) Your writing is beautiful, by the way! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Great to be reminded of God's presence with us on the path - thanks. (coming to you via The Gypsy mama)

  3. He's always there ... sometimes very still and gentle, and sometimes He makes His presence known in ways that can't be ignored!

    Thanks, Rachael and Tanya, for kicking off today's conversation!

  4. We keep forgetting that we don't walk alone, don't we :)
    Love the way you ended your post in the middle of the sentence ;)

  5. 300 seconds sure goes quickly! Especially very very early in the morning hours!

    Thanks for stopping by this afternoon, Eva ...

  6. love that you put down 300 seconds...never thought of it that way...and giving thanks with you for our good Shepherd along the path of life, be it smooth, rough, or in-between...thanks, Linda :)

  7. Cool words.. :)

  8. 300 seconds does it for me ... just look for that number each Friday over at Gypsy Mama and you'll find me!

    Thanks for saying 'hi' during the evening, Dolly and cuoreq!


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