Friday, May 25, 2012

300 Seconds of Opportunity

It was so much fun taking the 5 Minute Challenge last week that I just had to come back for more ...

It's all about running with whatever topic The Gypsy Mama hands out to those who eagerly await.  And then writing for 300 seconds 'with no editing, no overthinking, no backtracking.'

Today's Assignment?

Ready, Set, Go!

Every day, every moment brings me opportunities.  Choices and chances.  How am I going to respond to what God sends my way?

I can choose to be grateful or to whine.  I have the opportunity to show gratitude or to be self-absorbed, thinking of my own interests.  I can look for the silver lining, or dwell on all that is negative.

Philippians 4 puts opportunity right in front of me.  Will I consider things that are 'true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent or praiseworthy'?  Or get mired in all that isn't going my way?

Left to my own devices, my natural bent, I will probably go in the other direction.  Truth be told ...


- number 300 by Micah Taylor -


  1. We are given so many wonderful opportunities, I too hope I use them for His glory and to honor Him!

  2. i love that verse!!! thanks for reminding me of it this morning.

  3. The opportunities are all around us just ready to be grasped ... especially when they're just beyond our reach!

    That's when we know that we've got to get out of our own way claim the truth that we 'can do all things through Him who strengthens' us!

    Thanks for kicking off the conversation today, Shari and Richelle!

  4. so good...I have lived too long not seeing how many choices I have in everyday moments...left to myself..I would go the wrong thankful for His grace...blessings to you~

  5. A big theme in counseling is that we have the power to choose how we respond to what swirls around us.

    We can't control other people or much of what occurs in life {although we frantically try!}
    But we always get to choose what we're going to do about it!

    Thanks for dropping in, Ells ...

  6. Oh, I love the 5 minutes converted to 300 seconds. Feels more urgent. More important. More like an opportunity not to be missed. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. And it feels like I've got more time to write ...

    Thanks for jumping in, my fellow coach!


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