Friday, September 9, 2011

7 Books You've Gotta Have

Len Boesger says that everyone needs four books

"DATE BOOK. Your date book (or calendar) is a guide to how you ...

ADDRESS BOOK. An address book may be simply a collection of friends and acquaintances or it can be a tool to ...

CHECK BOOK. Your check book can give you a pretty good idea of what is ...

THE GOOD BOOK ... it is this Book that defines and brings clarity on how we should use the other three."

Read the details of his observations here.

I think that everyone needs 7 books.

All of the above.

PLUSA journal.  Journaling helps you focus.  To process the intricacies of life and issues of faith that are impacting you each day.  To sift through the myriad of experiences and thoughts swirling through your mind.  It provides a safe place to dialogue with God about what you're reading in His Word.  And it gives you unlimited space to allow your prayers to flow from heart to pen to paper.  This has become a vital spiritual discipline in my life!  I share some of my entrees here.

PLUS - A book you're reading to increase your knowledge.  Each one of us has some area of interest or expertise.  And we owe it to ourselves {and the people we impact} to figure out what that is.  And then continue our education in that area.

Counselor/life coach/ministry-related volumes - Faith-based and secular, some took me out of my comfort zone, some made me stretch and ponder, and a few expanded my faith this year:

Rob Bell

Philip Yancy

PLUS - A book you're reading for fun.  Life's not just one big TO-DO list.  When was the last time you picked up a great novel or a biography ... and just kicked back and read for the sheer pleasure of it?  A few I've read this year:
John Grisham
Jan Karon

Kristin Kimball

Jeannette Walls

I'd love to hear what's on your nightstand, desk, or coffee table right now ... click on the little red comment link below - you can leave your name or be completely anonymous!

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  1. Can't resist a discussion about books! I am reading (again!) "Quaker Summer" by Lisa Samson. Talk about a book that will stretch you beyond your comfort zone (but is lots of fun at the same time!) Over the summer, I read "What Alice Forgot" by Liane Moriarty, which I can't recommend highly enough.

  2. The highest compliment you can pay a book is to re-read it! Thanks for the suggestions!

    Right now I'm finishing Valorie Burton's LISTEN TO YOUR LIFE. Next on my pile - RADICAL: TAKING BACK YOUR FAITH FROM THE AMERICAN DREAM by David Platt.

    Sure beats sitting in front of the TV ...

  3. Interested in an online book club? Check out Incourage's Bloom Book Club and their new selection, WHAT WOMEN FEAR by Angie Smith. See all the details here -

    And I've got a book discussion going over at incourage, too - please join in the conversation!,-desk,-or-coffee-table-right-now.html

  4. I like any book by Robert Whitlow. Right now I am reading The Sacrifice. Love books!

  5. I couldn't put down THE PASSION OF MARY-MARGARET by Lisa Samson.

    Just finished this very compelling, well-written book ... a real page turner. You'll be drawn into the journaled love story between MM and her forbidden earthly love ... and the lifelong love story with the heavenly Lover of her soul.

    Have a few tissues handy! {Thanks, Carol, for this super gift!}

    Thanks for dropping by, Barb!


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