Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The In-Laws

I've talked with a number of women about the in-laws.  I've heard a few heart-warming stories of delightful generosity, loving sacrifice, and wisdom shared. 

With no strings attached.

But more often than not, the spouse's parents are coming across as busybodies.  Nosy.  Intrusive.  Critical.  Interfering.  Domineering.        

At best.

Without attention, destructive, divisive, and disrespectful behavior across the generations can escalate to the point of creating a tragic, heart-rending split between parents, children, and grandchildren. 

Or a rancorous divorce.   

Dr. Les Parrott muses, "While some blessed couples couldn't be happier with their in-laws, the majority of couples feel that their in-laws are outlaws.  And the number one complaint is over-controlling behavior."

Click here and check out a number of interesting scenarios ... any of them sound familiar? 

Always room for improvement, isn't there ... on both sides of the fence.  Maybe that's why God tells us to "leave and cleave" {Genesis 2:24}.  Even as we "love one another deeply, from the heart" {1 Peter 1:22}.

So ... what's it like to have you as an in-law?

Reflecting ~

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