Thursday, September 3, 2009

September's Homekeeping Task


STEP #1:
Scrub down & disinfect walls, floors, tub, sink, toilet.

STEP #2:
Empty, scrub down, & refill medicine cabinet & vanity drawers with fresh &/or unexpired items. Ruthlessly toss out anything unidentifiable, grungy, suspicious, or past its prime!

STEP #3:
Empty & wipe down/vacuum linen closet. Reorganize as you restack. This is the time to weed out everything that has no life left in it - old, stained, incomplete sheet sets, threadbare towels, mothy blankets, limp pillows, and other items that don't give you joy when you use them. After all, how many sets of sheets, towels, and blankets do you really need? Call your local ASPCA shelter to find out what you can donate. Toss the rest!

Open the windows, turn on the music, grab the rubber gloves, and let the cleaning begin ~

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