Monday, September 21, 2015

Where'd She Go?

Hey Old Friend ~

I hear that some of you have been wondering where I disappeared to!

Well ... I moved lock, stock, and barrel over to my brand new online home,, four weeks ago today.  It was a huge upheaval in many ways, but every day it feels more and more like home sweet home.  

I've created a very personal space for us to do life together and would love for you to join me there so I can give you the grand tour, show you around, and give you a great big welcome!  

Today I'm filling you in on what I finally decided to do about that annual 31 Days writing extravaganza.  And in recent weeks I've had to share some heartbreaking family news, as well.

So grab my hand and click here to follow me there ... and please be sure to subscribe to the new site when you arrive!  I don't want us to lose track of each other.  What I know for sure is that rich, ongoing relationships that stand the test of time are a rare, treasured gift indeed!

Can't wait to re-connect with you again ...


  1. *hugs* Glad you are still writing dear!!! -

  2. Good to see you back. Hopping over to your new page. :)


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