Monday, April 27, 2015

Baby in a Ball Pit . . . and 4 More April Smiles!

April has been such a splendid gift, hasn't it?  Warm sunshine-laden air flowing back into our lives, creation blooming in the oddest places, plenty of reasons to laugh out loud.

And as busy as it's been around here, these weeks have proven to be an overflowing source of gratitude.

. . . baby in a ball pit

Celebrating Easter in the church's ball pit
So many of you have asked how Tyler's doing since I introduced him to you a couple of months ago!  Despite a few hospital visits {including one unexpected helicopter ride}, he's pretty much at home doing life with the gang and bringing joy wherever he goes.  If you missed big sister Kate's 'welcome to our family' video {or you want to catch the post again}, it's right here.  Get your Kleenex and turn up the volume.

And keep praying.  Please?

. . . going back to elementary school

Hall passes await in the music room
Don't you love these fun little hall passes?  Sure beats the scraps of paper we toted back in the day.

We did one Grandparents Day last fall and ventured into yet another foray into the school system just a few weeks back.  Kinda cool to perch in little plastic chairs while stringing beads and building words with wooden squares with eager little ones who are crazed with excitement at your presence.

Or sitting through a computer lab session and quickly realizing with awe that your 2nd grader knows way more about maneuvering around a keyboard than you'll ever hope to.

. . . playing personal shopper

Christmas Tree Shop bargains
I've had a ball pushing carts around a bunch of stores for my mom and for my youngest daughter, both who have been pretty much tied to the house in recent months.  What could be more fun than spending someone else's $ as you choose just the perfect kids' spring clothes, text back and forth weighing the pros and cons of wrapping paper, and scoop up boxes of pretty notecards and individually wrapped tea bags?

Sure beats opening your own wallet!

. . . joanna's story


I just love HGTV's Fixer Upper ... we watch it whenever we can.  Wouldn't it be just awesome if Joanna {and Chip!} dropped in at your place and re-did it even just a bit?  One can only imagine. 

If you're a fan, then you'll appreciate this peek into Joanna's soul, her walk with Christ, and her choice to trust Him with her great big dreams.

Good stuff.  Real good.

. . . #75

Bob & Dot celebrating his 75th
Together, we've kicked off a local Celebrate Recovery, co-founded Creekside Ministries, facilitated groups for single parents, and joined forces as a marriage counseling team.  For 13 years, this wise and kind servant of God has been patient with my rantings and occasional moody moments, and has enthusiastically championed my work, opening numerous doors to counsel, teach, lead, and write.

We all celebrated yet another milestone this past weekend with our faithful pastor, dear friend, and my partner in ministry.  Without a doubt I wouldn't be where I am spiritually and professionally without his encouragement and guidance.

{If you want some of Bob's meaty blog posts, they're right here.}  

And his gentle, lovely wife, Dot?  Back in 2007 she said 'yes' to releasing the whole lower half of her home to become Creekside's beautiful home base.  She happily 'lives above the store,' graciously allowing countless women and men to make themselves at home in this safe haven of counseling center and house church.

To say I'm grateful for this wonderful couple {who've been married 53 years!} would be a vast understatement.  Heaps of birthday blessings, Bob.  And deepest thanks, dear Dottie.


And on that happy note, I'm stepping away from the keyboard for a few weeks.  
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Enjoy ... and I'll see ya' later!


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  1. Hi Linda! My gosh, you have been BUSY girlfriend. Congrats on the birthday of your partner at Creekside Ministries, and may you continue to serve those who need you so much. God knows who to put together, and He outdid himself with the two of you.
    SO happy that your grandson is doing better (altho that helicopter ride sounded harrowing...). Continued prayers for the blessing of health, and a chance to get out and shop too. Such a small thing, but it makes you feel normal. I totally get that.
    I'll miss you like crazy, but enjoy your weeks away. I hope May is as good to you as April was.

  2. So happy to get an update on Tyler. Keeping him and your family in my prayers. Love that your April was full of smiles. :) Blessings to you, sweet friend. Enjoy your time away from the keyboard. (((hugs)))

  3. Awwwww! That top picture made me smile!! Little ones are SUCH a blessing!!! <3 -

  4. have a great couple of weeks away Linda. I'll look forward to seeing your post in my Feedly reader.

  5. So many good and wonderful blessings! Tyler is such a handsome little fella, so glad he is doing well. And that video of Joanna Gaines? One of my favs too!

    Enjoy your time away!

  6. My heart is smiling reading your post, Friend! Tyler came while I was Luluing with the newest grand, so I missed that announcement. This says VOLUMES for the way your raised your child when they are willing to open their hearts to a journey that will not be easy, but such a blessing! I heard one of the Gaines' friends preach a couple of weeks ago and when he told even more of their story it is SUCH a blessings. Their refusal to bend to the world and the way God blessed them for it is a wonderful story.

    Blessings, Friend!

  7. Hello! Just a fun post! I do love the hall passes. What a great idea. I stopped in to visit from #RaRalinkup. I'm your neighbor there.

  8. Stopping over from the #RaRaLinkup. I loved that Joanna video, it really spoke to me about God's timing and being faithful each step of the way.

  9. What a bunch of cuties in the top photo! You are right, spending someone else's money is always more fun than spending your own. :) Congrats to your pastor!

  10. I love the happiness you just brought my day. Tyler is adorable and I would be honored to continue praying for him. As for your partner in ministry-what a blessing. Finally I have seen the Joanna Gaines video and would love to just hang out with her like all the time. can you imagine the fun??? Hope your two weeks provides restoration and whatever else you need. You are a treasure friend!

  11. I am so glad to hear Tyler is doing ok! Your April recap sounds full and wonderful. Hope you got some rest too!

  12. Bountiful blessings, indeed, my friend! What a wonderful month you've had! Tyler could not be any cuter! What a sweet face! May your time away be blessed. You will be missed, and welcomed back with open arms!

  13. Sounds like quite a month - love the smiling faces of the children. Enjoy some time off!

  14. Enjoy your extended bloggy Sabbath, friend.

  15. I love Joanna too! Bold and sincere testimony. Thanks for sharing and inviting me in!

  16. Linda, I love your exuberant, energetic and enthusiastic share from your heart and your comments encourage so many others...many blessings to you :)

  17. I love, love, love Joanna Gaines and knew she was a Christian but have never heard her testimony, so that was a treat, Linda. Also, grateful for your servant-hearted heart, girlfriend. Thanks for giving us a peek at what you, Bob and others do through your ministry. You enjoy your time away from the "keyboard" and breathe in God's grace, so you can be full of fun and joyful posts like this one sometime soon.

  18. That's a fun and interesting looking hall pass. :)
    The whole activity looks like fun.

    Have a wonderful week!

  19. I am happy about Don's 75th birthday looks like He had made so much impart in your life. That's very good to hear.
    How are you? You been a bit quiet.
    Kindest Blessings to you.

  20. Just a quick hello because . . . well, I miss you when you take a break. But oh so glad you take that time for yourself and family.
    Much love.

  21. Linda,
    Wow...Congrats to Bob and Dot...and thanks for sharing Joanna's story...And I pray God will continue to provide all baby Tyler needs...blessings and enjoy your time off :-)

  22. I'm so glad to hear sweet, adorable Tyler is safe and bringing your family such joy. Continued prayers, my friend!
    Thank you for sharing the video on Joanna Gaines. I love her and her show. I so enjoy watching her and her husband's relationship play out onscreen. She laughs at him like he is the funniest person on earth, and he speaks of her with such adoration. It's nice to hear her inspiring back story. I actually had a few tears drop :).


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