Sunday, September 22, 2013

4 Reasons Why I'm Jumping Back Into 31 Days

Last year was my first 31 Days experience.  And trust me, it won't be my last.  If you missed out, here's what it looked like around this neck of the woods as we dove head first into awesome relationships.

I LOVED this!  It was a stretch to produce read-worthy material day in and out.  I persevered through the deaths of two people I loved.  And along the way I met lots of great bloggers.  And wonder of wonders, this blog began to take wings and soar.

So, yes, I'm doing the 31 Day Challenge in October.  I'm not 100% sure what I'll be calling the whole thing, but I've got a pretty good idea where we'll be going.  And I'm ready to roll.

Want to join me?  If you're not quite sure if you're up to it, let me encourage you to give it a go. 


1.  We're built for community, we crave it, we want to be part of something bigger than ourselves.  Focusing on this challenge with well over a thousand other brave souls?  So cool ... and lots of fun! 

2.  Each one of us has something uniquely substantial to bring to the table.  Your passions, your writing style, your subject matter, your creative juices?  Most likely quite different than the girl next door. 

3.  It's refreshing to climb out of our worn out comfort zones, break away from the old routines, and let ourselves be stretched to produce more than we think we can.  We're talking growth here!

4.  Most of us need to have our borders expanded and go beyond reading what's familiar.  Exploring new horizons with diverse bloggers from other cultures, leanings, interests, writing styles?   Good stuff.

Still not so sure?  Here's some helpful tips from The Nester herself, the beloved creative ringleader of this whole event.

Have you done 31 Days before?  Are you going there this year?

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  1. Gosh Linda -- sounds intriguing but I'm not sure I have the time to do it properly. Guess I still have a few days to ponder. :)

    1. Hey, Nancy ... hope to see you there! Let me know if you decide to give it a go, OK?

  2. You've piqued my interest, Linda! :-) I'm off to investigate more. Thanks for the links.

  3. Intriguing Idea---praying about it since most of my posts are God inspired---will need His direction on a topic. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Absolutely ... late last week, He and I had a bit of a conversation about this, and I asked Him to make it clear what He wanted me to do with this. Within a few hours, it was crystal. I love when the doors open. And appreciate it when they close tight. Because when all is said and done, it's about honoring Him, yes?

      Thanks, Lulu ... I look forward to hearing what you decide!

  4. I'm preparing to speak at a conference mid-October, so this year it will not be for me. Sure sounds like fun though!

    1. Thanks for stopping in this morning, Lisa! I hope that the conference is a smash hit ... and that you'll be at peace in the process ...

  5. I've never joined in before, it's always seemed too daunting. But I think I might this year I have a few ideas that would work, so we'll see. Maybe I'll see you round the link up :)

  6. Linda,

    I agree with your #2. Somehow deadlines I give myself don't stick. But, when I've committed to someone else, I can get it done.

    Raki (Outside the Box Mom)

  7. Yeah ... the whole commitment thing is a huge, compelling thing. And when I tell you yes, yes it will be! That works for me!

  8. This inspired me, ways I didn't expect.

    I've been seeking new opportunities for growth these days, both in my writing and in this life I'm starting over as a Christian. I considered taking the 31 Day Challenge via journal (non-blogger that I am), but your points made it clear to me that I'd be missing out on perhaps the biggest area of growth here, also my biggest challenge: developing and engaging in community.

    A topic came almost immediately, and daily it ignites my soul. The challenge now? Stepping beyond my comfort zone as I attempt to create my first-ever blog! (If it works out at all, it will be simple -- one that will respect privacy while still enabling me to see this month-long task from beginning to end, in all its fullness.) I've learned a great deal from you already, about blogging, setting healthy boundaries, facing fears... I'd appreciate your continued prayers in the days to come.

    Up for the challenge, ever grateful I'm not alone (no, "Not for a Moment")...


    1. I'm loving your vision, GH! I believe your writing will be profound and impact many. Truly.

      Keep it all simple, and enjoy the journey!

    2. Heartfelt thanks, Linda, for these words of encouragement and blessing!

    3. My face is smiling, and my heart crying for joy. Thank you, Linda. May God bless you this good night.

  9. Love how you encourage others! Look forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve for October because I plan to still be engaged in this blogosphere community. Much love. xoxo

    1. Well, actually I'm NOT doing 31 Days ... that was a post from last year that's getting some attention! But I AM doing an AUTUMN NESTING SERIES beginning in about a week. Laid back and casual and fun ... with PRIZES!


      I've taken the pressure off myself to write every day and will post when I have something worth saying about this lovely transition we're in.

      Glad, so glad, you're still around, friend!



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