Saturday, August 3, 2013

See You Later . . .

I'm going to be out of commission for a bit.  No counseling, coaching, or writing.  I'll still be keeping half an eye on what's happening online.  {And of course I'll respond to your comments if you're gracious enough to leave a kind word or two ~ hint, hint!}

But I've got six little people calling my name and grabbing me by both hands.  Two sweet daughters {and their men} who deserve my full attention.  A husband I'd love to catch some alone time with.  And I hear that we'll be crossing paths with cousins and their children and their children's children.  Literally.

So to be sitting at a keyboard for any length of time this coming week would be a cryin' shame.  That I know for sure.  Go ahead and click on those 3 little red words to find out why.

In recent months I've written my heart out.  I've put alot of stuff on the table and there's plenty for you to leaf through, my friend.  Head over to the right hand column and scroll down to check out the recent big hitters, jump in on the chit chat, and delve into topics from A - Z.  Wander around, have a ball. 

And I'll see you later ~


  1. Definitely be present to your family!! They are only there for a short time. They are the real joy in our lives other than the Lord.
    Have a blessed time, Linda.


  2. Enjoy your time away with family! The nice thing about the blogging world - it'll still be here when you return :)

  3. Oh what a blessing to get to spend such quality time with your family. Hope you all have lots of fun and make some wonderful memories!!

    1. You're so kind, Alicia! I'm having a ball ... and trying to tuck into some pockets of solitude and rest here and there!


  4. Everyone needs a good blogging break. And just a life sanity break. :) I took one of those recently too. God really revealed alot to me during that time. Praying it is as special for you. Glad you are being obedient. Happy resting!

    1. Life sanity! Love that, Nicki! And saying 'no thanks!' to writing has been a good choice here on this end ...

  5. Enjoy your beautiful family, Linda. Savor every minute! Blessings , my friend!

  6. And a wonderful week it was!

  7. Is that Linda kayaking???? You go, girl



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