Monday, June 10, 2013

Beautifully Past Their Prime

Yes, the week of windswept, hard-driving rainstorms just about did them in, these oh-so-fragrant frilly-petaled pink orbs.  I clip the damaged stems.  And tuck the cuttings into a crock spied deep in the back room of the basement back in Ohio, its discovery a delightful surprise back in the saddest days of last October

Filled right to the brim, the old container with the black wooden handle takes on new life and purpose.  Because even though these former beauties have seen their day, their softly fading fragrance is still strangely potent.  And the crockery holds them strong, giving full permission for these pale pastel gems to gain a bit more life, their perfume sweetly melding with the freshly mowed grass in the sunstrewn breeze ...

Yes, there's still an alluring attraction, a surprising purpose, an untold elegance to blooms that are languishing just a bit.  This, yet another lesson tucked away deep in my soul.

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  1. Sometimes I feel like those blooms, Linda. As I get older, I worry that the "fragrance" or perhaps my relevance will be crowded out by younger, prettier voices/blooms. It's a self-centered thought and clearly a "lie," I know, but sometimes I give in to it. So glad to be encouraged by your words and the beautiful metaphor God reminded you of here today. God has richly blessed me with your friendship and wisdom!

    1. Yeah, Beth ... our culture doesn't exactly 'rise up and call us blessed,' do they. But we do have something to offer that's unique in this season of our lives ... and maybe especially in this blog world we've chosen to jump into.

      And younger they may be, but prettier? NAH!




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