Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Why Pray When You Can Worry?

Huh?  What'd she say?

But this is how we live, isn't it ... we find it near impossible to give our most troublesome scenarios to God.  Instead we stew in our own cataclysmic fear.  Wring our already overwrought hands.  Anxiously waiting for the other shoe to drop, we automatically imagine the worst case scenario.  And our relationships, our health and emotional sanity, and our weakened spiritual perspective take huge hits, right and left.

Mmm ... what would life look like if we grabbed hold of all that wasted energy and invested it into some day in/day out, heavy-duty conversations with the One who holds our future in His loving, wisdom-laden heart?
Scroll down for Mary DeMuth's super, no holds barred prayer!  Go ahead and keep a few copies where you can reach for one at a moment's notice.  And then don't think twice before you grab a pen and fill in those blanks whenever a worry, a burden, or a fear comes to call. 

Before it takes control over you. 

And please do pass this gem along to those you've commiserated with in the past.   Chances are you're not the only one who longs to lay those heart-wrenching burdens down and find some sweet, blessed relief ...



  1. This is a great prayer and reminder to pray, Linda. Just today I had a huge answer to prayer, so I know God wants to work on our behalf ... if we'll just lay our burdens down at His feet.

  2. I celebrate that huge answer to prayer in your life, Beth! Too often we ask away, but never return to God with our gratitude when His answers arrive.

    Thanks for reminding us to do so!


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