Thursday, August 30, 2012

When Blogging Would Have Been a Cryin' Shame

It's a rare gift to be fully present to another.  To live right smack dab in the middle of the moment you are in.  To say 'no' to distractions.  To say 'yes' to the soul right in front of your nose.

It's an art. There aren't 3 magic steps or a handy checklist available to make this happen.

It's a choice that we're called to make day in and day out.  To say a wholehearted 'yes' to one thing can only lead to 'no thank you' to another opportunity. 

In the midst of a recent 5 Minute Friday writing challenge, my hand was forced in a most gentle way.  And I was convicted about my upcoming family time.  As I finished up the 300 second post, I knew for certain that I was going to say 'no' to writing for a week. 

Because I can't be in two places at once.  And writing takes a focused energy and concentration that I wanted to pour into my family instead.

I made the choice to give us all the gift of me being absolutely right there in the middle of the joyful chaos and whirlwind activity, the quiet one-on-one moments, and the winsome surprises that come with living with the 11 people closest to my heart.  For 7 days.

So we hung out.

Chased the ducks.

Walked here and there and everywhere.

Savored new experiences.

Created volcanoes and parking garages and birthday cakes.

Stopped to sniff and handle the flowers.

And flew high.

There were tiny treasures and little shells and wispy feathers to discover on long walks.  Squeals of delight in spotting a tiny brown toad on a grassy path.  There were games to play and hikes through the pine-scented woods and rock walls that just begged to be navigated.  Juicy peaches, frosty ice cream, gooey marshmallows, and sand-covered gummy worms filled little mouths ... right before mealtime.  Sticky hands and dirty feet and runny noses and skinned knees and tear-stained faces that required gentle attention.  Music to dance to and smokey campfires to poke at with long sticks.  Endless hugs and kisses and oh-so-deep theology lessons received from toddlers with visions of Jesus under the water. 

Yes, I fortified myself with a nap here and there, lest I be overwhelmed.  I soaked up as much of what my family was experiencing as my overflowing heart could savor. Too many conversations to count.  Laughter at the unexpected.  Exuberant activity.  Incessant little voices springing from fully enthusiastic hearts.  And precious little pockets of shared dialogues with little ones who eagerly clutched my very willing hand.

To not have been fully available to the people I love most because I was off cloistered in my room blogging away?  For me, it would have been a cryin' shame.

P.S. on August 31st
Wow!  Thank you, Lisa-Jo, for featuring my story on your blog today! 
You surely are a sweet Five Minute Friday mama ...

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  1. You have experienced the greatest treasure and privilege in all of the world - something priceless and precious that will never be forgotten! You have learned the greatest lesson.

    Love, Mom

    {sent via email}

  2. It was an incredible week, and so nice to be "unplugged" for a week spending time with the people I love most!

  3. Unplugged is good! Even made better when you're with the ones you adore in a place you love ...

  4. Love this Linda. What a blessing! Michael and I both delighted in your whole family together and all the little ones. Thanks for sharing.

  5. So wise to have made the choice you made. You go girl for choosing the better thing!

  6. Not a soul missed my blogging! And it was a refreshing break filled with super memories ...

    Thanks for your notes, Sheila and Elizabeth!

  7. Now THAT is what I call fun!!!!! I loved the child being thrown.....what a bunch of beautiful people and the perfect way to spend a summer vacation

  8. Lexa always loves flying high! But tossing 6 kids, 2-9, back and forth, left ol'grandpa's shoulders a little worse for wear!

    Thanks for joining in the fun, Carol!

  9. great words be honest I am burdened sometimes for young moms in this bloggy world...with fB...Tweets...and blogging...I am concerned mommas are going to lose the art of being fully present in their homes...their family. I am glad this was not around when my kids where young...I don’t think I could have handled it...but I know many people can...I am glad you listened to God...pulled away...and that you will never regret those moments and memories together. blessings to you~

  10. I think you are achieving what I aspire to, Linda. I'm so glad you drank in deeply from the well of life and love. Great post!

  11. Not too sure I would have handled the whole pull toward all things online real well when my kids were little and I was at home all the time with few young mamas in my world.

    I hear what you're saying, Ro ...

  12. Re: the photo "Flying High"...

    What TRUST!

    Got me thinking about the two-way trust needed in releasing, from those who release and -- so wonderfully pictured here! -- the one who is released! (Hadn't really thought of it this way before...)

    Thanks for sharing with us, Linda!


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