Friday, August 10, 2012

A Gift ... or The Plague?

We're spending oh so many hours online these days.  All things social media have grabbed our attention.  And we're being held hostage by the screen, the keyboard.  The sad thing is that we think that we're connecting and forming relationships.  But in reality, the people who really yearn to connect with us are being short-changed by the addictive draw of our obsessive online connections.

Those little ones deserve our one-to-one totally focused heart connection.  Our days with them are so few.  Our husbands desire our true companionship in the evening.  Those who call us on the phone want to know that we're focused on their words, not on a screen.  And our flesh and blood friends long to have us fully present to them, not texting away while we're with each other.

Our hobbies have dwindled, our gardens lay untended, our kitchen skills have gone dormant.  Maybe most sadly of all, our time with our precious Savior gets truncated.  From where I sit as a pastoral counselor, I truly believe that technology is slowly becoming a plague that destroys instead of a gift that enhances life.

P.S.  And on that happy note, today's 300 second writing challenge is compelling me to disconnect from writing for the next week.  The little ones are beckoning me ... and I've just gotta practice what I preach!
P.S. #2 on 8/31/12   Head over here to read what happened next ...

Five Minute Friday

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  1. You NAILED it. Excellent words. Powerful. Thanks for being bold in sharing. Such a juggling act this online ministry/writing thing.

  2. A juggling act it is, Jodi. And a post that might not gain me too many new online friends!

  3. YES!!! I couldn't agree more. I am turning off my computer right now and look forward forward to seeing you in a week.

  4. Wow, Elizabeth!

    Anyone else joining us?

  5. In the last 6 months I've gotten into the practice of doing weeklong "purges" from electronics when I feel it's getting out of control. I turn off Facebook, e-mail and stop texting for a week. By the end of the week I've reconnected with God and am back in control!

  6. The week's sabbatical from writing has done nothing but refresh and inspire me. I'm chomping at the bit as I return!

    Thanks for dropping by, Valerie. And for understanding why it took me 7 days to respond to your very wise words!


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