Friday, July 6, 2012

No Choice But To Journal

Just like clockwork, Friday morning's rolled around once again.  And that means that I've got just 300 seconds to shed some light on one specially chosen word.   The creative young mama of 3 says 'no extreme editing; no worrying about perfect grammar, font, or punctuation.  Unscripted. Unedited. Real.'

I say 'yes' to her guidelines and off I go with the word STORY.


That creative young mama says that she's had a journal unused since 1999.  And now's the time when she will start to fill it with her life.  But when I got my first journal, I didn't wait more than a decade to fill its pages.  A wise woman who became my spiritual director urged me to begin to sit quietly with God.  To hear His voice.  And to begin to write down the conversation that would unfold.

It was a scary time, filled with illness and fear of the unknown future.  My body was crying out 'no' to stress and craziness and lack of boundaries.  It was giving out and closing down.

It was in those times of quiet when I began to reconnect with my Creator.  He was the One who longed to speak sweet peace to my brokenness, to rebuild what had fallen apart.  He invited me into sweet times of stillness.  Oh so tentatively, I began to write what I was thinking and feeling and experiencing, and it opened a door of discovery and healing and growth and peace that I could have never imagined.

Some of my journal entries are here ...


Five Minute Friday
- number 300 by Leo Reynolds -


  1. Journaling is a powerful and effective tool. I have always enjoyed writing prayers in mine!

  2. Yes! It's been a tool for growth and creativity. Putting pen to paper has grown my connection with Christ in a way that I could never could have imagined!

    Thanks for kicking off the conversation this morning, Tereasa ... welcome back!

  3. "He was the One who longed to speak sweet peace to my brokenness, to rebuild what had fallen apart" Love that!

  4. And I'm forever filled with gratitude for His healing touch and for giving me endless opportunities to share that hope with others!

    He truly is the REDEEMER!

    Thanks, Eileen!

  5. It can be scary to sit and listen quietly...writing it down takes courage. So glad you wrote here!

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog.


  6. What was tentative and kind of wierd is now a beautiful, life-giving discipline that connects me to the One who loves me most! And journaling has led to blogging which leads to who knows what?

    Thanks, Mary!

  7. I think this is the nudge I need to make time to listen to my Lord, hear what He is trying to teach me and write it down. You've blessed me today.

  8. Yes! It's all about the call to be with the Lover of our souls ... and the choice to set aside the time to meet with Him.

    Let me know how it goes, Elizabeth!

  9. Have enough journal pages to wallpaper a couple of very healing. And I am so grateful to God for how He used this practice to heal your heart. So that you could be better used to heal other hearts...

  10. mmm ... wallpaper, huh? I've heard of decoupaging lampshades with newspapers ... wouldn't this be an interesting crafts project!

    Thank, Sheila!


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